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Frustrated by the inadequacy of available HR management systems, foundU decided to create its own. The goal was simple – to create a platform that reduces the time spent on HR organisation while increasing HR efficiency. Any existing process that could be digitised would be.

The foundU Platform is an HR tool that is highly automated, sophisticated and simple to use. The uniqueness of foundU is not just what we do, but how we do it. Features such as applicant tracking, rostering and payroll are done quickly and efficiently with just a click of a button.

Looking to the future, the foundU Platform is always searching for new ways to simplify HR tasks, while maintaining software usability. We have, and will continue, to solve real problems. For more information, contact the foundU team today.

Meet the foundU team

Michael Ott

Matthew Horton

Rowena McIver

Tyson Armitage

Justin Barlow

Neil Mathur

Lisa Burgess

James Harvey

Ron Kurniawan

Saqib Riaz

Illy Laquinto

Alan Lisheng Liu

Edward Hung

Ben Radigk

Taylor Adams

Renee Roussety

Kirsty Weir

Melanie Baker

Our Values

At foundU, we produce a workforce management platform that is both efficient and simple.

With the foundU platform, managers and HR professionals are able to carry out their roles smoothly, without the baggage of excess paperwork and disorganisation.

Our goal is to continue creating a management system that aligns with the present but constantly evolves, ready for the future.

We are always on the lookout for new technologies and features that can enhance the quality of our customers’ management process. To do that, we look to current HR trends, as well as what is happening in the business world today.

Quality and innovation is at the heart of foundU, and we aim to drive results for the benefit of all our customers.


At foundU, we value innovation and efficiency for all aspects of HR management. This is why we have implemented the volunteer management platform – a completely free system that allows administrators to manage volunteers easily and effectively.

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