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Online platform to manage your entire workforce process

Recruiting, onboarding, rostering staff and processing payroll, on any device anywhere. Powerful in-built tools accurately calculate pay, remaining leave, super costs & more.

Automatic award interpretation for lightning fast payroll

Use our custom built Award interpretation and payroll engine for a true end-to-end experience. Get real time payroll costs  all you have to do is double check the numbers and click pay.

Advanced staff rostering solutions with live cost calculations

Create rosters in seconds and never go over budget again. Check who is available, how much overtime you’ll need to pay and improve your labour efficiency. 

HR tools to reduce admin & improve compliance

Organise all employee documentation in one place, speed up candidate onboarding, and save time. Manage historical employee records along with payroll and super all in the one platform. 

Contactless clock in and clock out solutions for a dynamic workforce

Manage your employees and let staff clock in and out with geo-targeting zones for greater accuracy.

Creating efficient labour hire businesses

Organise your workforce with ease. Effortlessly manage changes and stop worrying about complex payroll calculations. Use simple drag and drop rostering and in built employee availability tools. 

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The onboarding is absolutely fantastic. Our clients have said how wonderful the implementation staff are and that’s one of the reasons we want to get all our clients onto foundU.

Jane Forno

Clarity Management

With manual time sheets, it would take a whole day to process pay. With foundU, one hour max.

Stacey White

Cessnock Hospitality Group

It’s really hard to put it into one little sentence, but the advantages of foundU are profound, especially if you are currently using multiple platforms and especially ones that don’t talk to each other.

Chris Sier

Veneto Club

To be able to assign, track and report on training in the system is a huge improvement on having to use Excel spreadsheets.

Vicky Hultgren


Workforce Management Software FAQ

What is workforce management software?
Workforce management software is an HR solution that streamlines and automates tedious tasks such as attendance monitoring, leave requests, VEVO compliance, and more. It’s designed to optimise scheduling, increase efficiency, and cut costs.

With the right workforce management solution, companies can ensure top productivity by allocating the right employees to the right jobs at the exact time they’re needed.

Are there different types of software for employee management?

There are several different types of staff management software that companies can use. There’s scheduling software that’s developed for keeping track of shifts and attendance, payroll solutions for calculating salaries, benefits, paid and unpaid time off, and more. 

Different types of employee management software can help you optimise various tasks and processes, but the solutions you use must be compatible with one another. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time and resources staying on top of all your tools and solutions.

How is foundU different from other workforce software in Australia?
foundU is different from other workforce management software because we offer you a comprehensive solution. Instead of targeting a specific task or process, we provide you with an all-in-one platform that will help you take care of your employees from the moment they join your team to the moment they retire. 

Our all-encompassing platform handles applicant tracking, customised onboarding, payroll management, tax reporting, and more. You’ll no longer have to split the difference between several tools. We enable you to rely on one solution for all your workforce management needs. Take a look at our demo to see what you’ll be getting when you partner up with foundU.

How does a workforce management system benefit an organisation?

By handling the essential, but still more tedious tasks, a well-designed workforce management system frees up your and your employees’ hands and enables you to focus on the core of your business. Instead of taking up the HR’s time, forcing them to schedule confusing shifts, for example, they can focus on improving the work environment and helping your employees be more productive. 

With workforce management software, you’ll boost your performance, improve your efficiency, and ensure greater employee satisfaction. These will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Which companies can benefit from workforce management software in Australia?

From SMBs to Fortune 500s, every company can benefit from relying on workforce management software – as long as the goal is to boost efficiency and minimise costs. However, while any company can make use of this piece of software, integration isn’t vital for every department. 

Workforce management solutions are primarily designed for: 

  • HR department 
  • Middle management 
  • CFOs 
  • Employees on collective and local agreements 

Take a look at foundU blog and case studies to see how different companies have applied our comprehensive solution. 

What features to look for in a workforce management solution?

What features to look for depends on your and your company’s needs and preferences. There are workforce management systems that are developed to handle very specific tasks, such as shift scheduling. But, there are also end-to-end solutions such as foundU’s platform that take care of all your management needs. 

foundU boasts features ranging from recruitment and onboarding management, roster management, payroll management, and HR tools.

A more comprehensive solution such as ours gives you single-point access to all the necessary tools and features you need for effective management. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, and you can scale it up or down as you go.

Can I access online employee management tools remotely?

foundU’s web – and cloud-based solutions can all be accessed remotely, regardless of where you’re located. Whether you’re in the office, working from home during COVID-19, or travelling to the other side of the planet, you can access all the necessary tools and features to continue effortlessly managing your workforce. 

As an added benefit, our mobile workforce management software is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

How much does personnel management software cost?

The cost of personnel management software will vary depending on the size of your company and number of employees. Our solutions are priced per user and are easily scalable to suit your changing needs. 

Contact us to find out more about our pricing and learn how we can help you manage your workforce better. 


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