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The Benefits of Giving Staff Control

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The foundU Platform automated availability feature was created to meet the demands of our casual-labour staff.  They wanted a system that allowed them to easily notify us of their availability via their online profiles.  By subscribing to the foundU Platform your casual staff can experience the benefits.

Giving staff the ability to dictate their availability gives them locus of control over their working lives.  Locus of control refers to the extent to which an individual thinks they can control events that personally effecting them.


Locus of control can either be internal (the individual thinks their actions effect their life) or external (the individual thinks external factors affect their life).


This is an important concept when engaging staff in the workplace.  Staff with a strong sense of internal control master their working lives and feel a sense of personal achievement when achieving tasks (intrinsic reward).

Increasing an employee’s sense of control brings a range of benefits to a business.



Employees with a strong internal locus demonstrate leadership in their workplace.  Other employees turn to them due to the perception of power that they wield.  Those that can demonstrate self-control are role models to other staff.
foundU sees this when staff set their availability.  Some will we do it without being prompted and others will call and ask that is it is done for them.




Similar to responsibility is the chance for an employee to become empowered through making their own choices.  An empowered employee is one that can achieve their goals (and the businesses) on their own.


Empowerment leads to a better sense of self and most importantly, confidence.  A confident employee is comfortable presenting new ideas or offering valuable feedback.




Autonomous employees are created when a business provides opportunities for them to exercise control.  The advantage of autonomous staff are many, with the ability to let them work with minimal input being significant.


Moving to a more autonomous workforce doesn’t happen overnight.  Staff need to be educated and change takes time.  The foundU Platform is intuitive and comes with a full change management program.


Employers still need to provide options for less autonomous staff.  Some employees work better with clear parameters and guidelines.  The foundU Platform provides a range of communication methods and can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs.


foundU Locus of Control features


The foundU Platform doesn’t just give staff the ability to set their work schedule.  Casual employees  can create positions of interest and choose where they want to work.  The benefits of giving employees control over their work life is seen at foundU.  Our employees regularly set their availability ahead of time to meet certain study or family requirements and give positive feedback on how easy it is.

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