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Making Work a Game

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The foundU Platform uses task gamification and reward systems to motivate candidates.  foundU implemented our motivation program provides candidates with a clear set of guidelines and expectations around their role.


A successful reward and gamification system improves employee’s productivity. Creating a functional system requires time and effort but the results are worth it.



Creating Reward Systems



Rewards (either in a business or general sense) come in two types; intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic rewards are those that are central to a person i.e the employee gets a feeling of accomplishment and success when completing a task.


An extrinsic reward is separate to a candidate and is a physical or tangible gift.  Businesses choose how to reward staff and if they are going to use a combination of the two.


After laying the groundwork for a reward system, businesses need to consider the timing and delivery methods of their program.  There exists a fine line between constant rewards and rarely giving recognition.  The other choice employers face is how public to make the reward.  Company wider leader boards and ceremonies or simple, one-on-one recognitions?



Gamifying Staff


Gamification is the process of turning a job into a game using the principles of game mechanics.


The success of gamification is due to the basic physiology of the brain.  A candidate completes a gamified task and small amount of dopamine is released.  Science proves that the more dopamine is released, the more motivated a candidate becomes.  Give them a system where this behaviour is encouraged, and businesses have engaged staff.


Like reward systems, the most important step to creating a successful gamification program is to make sure it was created to promote positive behavioural change.  Employees work harder if they can see progress and know they are going to be rewarded (and release dopamine).


Gamification creators may encounter habituation from users.  They become over-rewarded and no longer have anything to aim for. One way of addressing this problem is to socialise the process.


Giving employees the ability to see other ‘players’ progress helps create competition and leads to better results. The pinnacle of socialising play is sharing through social media.  While this is hard to implement in every industry, sport trackers have seen particular success with users publishing their activity to social media.


foundU’s motivation program follows these steps to create a system that candidates can understand.  To find out how you can bring a reward system to your business using the foundU Platform, simply get in contact.

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