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Manage Your Freelancers

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Freelancing is no longer code for being between jobs.  As casualisation of workforces’ increases, more staff are turning towards flexible work opportunities.  In turn, more employers are hiring freelancers as they realise the obvious benefits.


Global Skills


Freelancers truly are global candidates and give employers to the opportunity to hire staff from around the world.  This allows employers to find the best talent regardless of location.  In return, freelancers can take on a range of opportunities in a range of areas using the internet.




The most obvious benefits to hiring freelance staff is the specialist skills they possess.  Freelance staff aren’t hired for a jack-of-all trades approach.  They have niche skills that businesses critically need.


There is a reduced risk when hiring freelance.  If their skills aren’t up to standard, they are easier to remove than a permanent employee.  Many businesses approach freelancers for their specialised skills but should also be aware of the value of the employer-employee relationship.  Each party learns from each other throughout the engagement.




A sometimes forgotten aspect of utilising freelancers is the networking opportunities they deliver.  Although, while not at a B2B level, the connections that casual staff provide can be valuable to SMEs.  Knowing that there is a range of possible employees who can be engaged easily helps businesses future-proof their staffing levels.


The main drawcard when hiring freelancers is the flexibility they bring to role.  Knowing that they are comfortable with a short-contract removes possible difficulties that can arise when there is no work available for permanent employees.  Once a freelancer has finished their contract they move on or can be used in another role.


Paying freelancers can be a challenge for SMEs.  Tracking a freelancers work and availability can be complex.  foundU removes this problem by allowing the freelancer to use the foundU Platform to manage their payments or an employer can ask a freelancer to use the foundU Platform for the duration of their contract.

Further benefits exist when using the foundU Platform for freelancers.  They can easily set their availability using the inbuilt calendar, track their hours through online timesheets and create job positions.


Large users of freelancers can simply use the foundU Platform as a software service and manage their own teams.

One of the most important aspects of the Platform for employers is compliance.  Any modern award can be incorporated into the foundU Platform and timesheets will automatically generate the correct pay.

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