Technology is bolstering employee onboarding efforts. Research shows that up to 91 percent of millennials intend to stay at a job for less than three years. Recruitment managers need effective onboarding practices to increase staff retention and productivity.

And it’s not only corporate giants who are using onboarding technology.

Cloud-based software solutions have made onboarding technology more effective, low-cost and accessible than ever.




Legal contraventions have the ability to cripple a business.

Cloud-based software options are an effective, low-cost check and balance to ensure that your staff are up-to-date with their training and possess the requisite knowledge for their role.

For example, for clients using the foundU system, employees who have visa requirements limiting their work to 20 hours per week appear as unavailable once they have completed their quota to ensure visa restrictions are not breached.




Automation is a fantastic way to take a uniform approach to your onboarding efforts.

Google reported a 25 percent decrease in the time taken for new hires to reach full productivity by introducing an automated email sent to management the day before each new hire’s first day. foundU’s Platform allows casual employees to receive pre-shift notifications via SMS.

The message was a simple checklist that specified the five most important tasks to go through with newcomers.





Analytics are being used to measure the improvement of onboarding programs. Data can guide company decisions to adjust your program where necessary to achieve quality goals.

Online surveys are an easy and effective way to measure your new hires’ experiences at various points throughout their first few years at your company and longer.




Organisational socialisation can be supported through social media websites and forums. This way, new hires can communicate with other employees, or at least be in the loop with organisational culture, without having to physically touch base with everyone in the office.

IBM has experienced success with its ‘grassroots community’, an online forum which new hires are transitioned to after 30 days with a peer mentor.


Onboarding software options:


foundU provides onboarding solutions through its end-to-end workforce management system.

The foundU Platform can schedule online surveys for onboarding purposes.

Because the system is pre-loaded with your requirements, there is no need to manually send surveys to your new hires – the system takes care of it all.

Online training quizzes and screening exams are also available on the Platform saving time and money.

To see how easy it is to create a job and send an SMS notification, try our demo.

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