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Onboarding and Organisational Socialisation

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Recent studies into high intensity onboarding practices have supported the link between socialisation tactics and lower staff turnover rates, concreting the concept of onboarding as a social affair.

University of Rhode Island research found that person-organisation fit and person-supervisor fit were the two strongest predictors of staff turnover.

Both can be supported through effective organisational socialisation, which is why so many companies are paying attention to social onboarding processes with successful results.


The Results Speak for Themselves


Software companies have led the charge in terms of high intensity onboarding.

At IBM, new hires are given a mentor for 30 days. After that time they are directed to the IBM ‘grassroots community’, which is a collaborative volunteer community set up to assist new hires throughout their transition.

Netflix enforces a compulsory lunch with senior executives in the first week of employment to give newcomers insights into the culture of the company and the company CEO meets with them within the first quarter of employment.


5 Tips for Effective Socialisation


‘Typically, new  hires  will  either  assimilate  to  the  culture  and  values  of  the  organization  or  leave.’ (Pike, 2014).


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