Tracking staff through geo-location may seem Orwellian, but doesn’t have to be. With clear boundaries and regulation, apps that broadcast an employee’s location can increase productivity and team cohesion.


A prime example of employee location apps being used in Australia is the Domino’s Pizza ordering app. The app allows both customers and management to track a delivery driver. While customers only receive limited information, Domino’s managers can see driver speeds and even send safe driving alerts.


Location technology has become more nuanced and has allowed the digital leash to be longer. No one wants the feeling of being constantly watched but, location apps do bring a range of features and benefits to any organisation.




Location apps are a great communication tool and can cut down on correspondence time between managers and staff. Alerts can be used to remind staff to log timesheets or clock-on when entering a job location.


Staff themselves can use the app to communicate between each other with the use of geo-fences. The virtual fences can alert staff when others are in the building and remind them of meetings or events nearby.



Choosing a location app that offers customisation allows employers to create compliant workforces that meet industry specific legislation. Some apps allow custom locations to be created and rules added that are specific to the location. Other features include the ability to update timesheets in specific time blocks for different clients.





Storing historical location details in the cloud allows employers to have a record of employee location. Disputes regarding an employee’s location can easily be resolved by referencing historical data.


This in turn highlights the analytical value of employee location apps. A host of new geographic and time data is now available to the employer. While it presents a challenge in terms interpreting the data, the information gained is valuable.




In what is a win for both employer and employee, is the potential flexibility that a location app can provide. Those that work away from the office can broadcast their location and show when they are working. Even those that work home from can “clock in” and “clock out” simply by using the location app.

Another benefit that staff can appreciate is the ability for location apps to clearly demonstrate when a staff member is not working. Most location apps automatically turn off GPS when a user clocks off or the user can choose to disable the function outside work hours.

foundU allows admin users to select staff or candidates by geographic location. Admin users can select staff closest to job locations and see where their staff are located at a glance. If an employee or candidate updates their location via their online profile, the map automatically updates with the new location.

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