Face-to-face communication is important for any organisation but, sometimes different workforces require different styles of communication.


Ranstad’s recent report “Technology and the human touch” examined the effect of technology on employee communication.  Ranstad found that almost two-thirds of the respondents surveyed for the report believe technology is negatively impacting their face-to-face time with work contacts


Face-to-face interactions build cohesive work environments but the report doesn’t fully examine those in flexible working arrangements where technology can be a communication builder rather than a destroyer.


One way to break down employee communication is to adopt two styles.  The first is functional communication i.e information that is communicated to the get the job done.  The second is community communication i.e building a cohesive workplace team.


While technology may negatively impact community communication, the positive effect on functional communication is improving businesses around the world.


Mobile communication is fast growing and can be used to great effect when interacting with casual staff.  Those that work for an agency don’t need to visit head office for new assignments or update job details.  They need a fast solution that matches their job, something mobile communication can provide.


Another aspect to consider is the demographics of casual staff.  With a move towards flexible work and new employees being Gen Y, often they will be more comfortable interacting a via mobile app or website.


Using new technology to communicate with staff means businesses can create more agile and mobile teams that are more engaged with better access to information.


Often, new forms of communication provide an improved correspondence trail and remove the need to search through archived messages and long email chains.


Another benefit is the in-built analytics and information that a new communication system can provide.  To a point, everything can be recorded if the system is capable and managers can gain insight into when interactions occur and what tasks have the best engagement.


Eventually, the global workforce will become mobile.  Those that embrace technology now to efficiently communicate with staff and assign tasks will have an advantage over their competitors.


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