How Australian HR Uses the Cloud
by foundU Team on 25th May 2016


In what could be considered an alarming statistic, 24% of Australian employees surveyed by foundU said that their employer has lost their employment details at least once. Employees also reported that:


– only 50% of employers allowed them to lodge an electronic timesheet

– 24% of employers used cloud-software to manage staff

– barely half of employees felt the HR aspects of their role were well managed




Matthew Horton, Founder of foundU says this drives home the importance of having a proficient human resource management system.

“To see that 24% of employee documents get lost and 20% of staff don’t know if their employer is using a cloud-based system is interesting. While having a capable human resource software is great for employers, it also shows how valuable it is to employees.”


“Often, employers get caught up in the business benefits of software but forget how much software systems affect their workforce. Having a good system that is embraced by both management and staff creates a better workplace”.


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