Cloud technology is now at the forefront of any discussion involving HR and software. Businesses everywhere are either considering the possible benefits of a cloud-based HR management system, or have already made the transition. 65% of enterprises, including the CIA, have made the move, and it is no wonder that the cloud continues to generate constant appraise.

‘…cloud-based HR management will put your business at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation…’

There are many advantages to the cloud, and while the changeover could take up to a couple of days, cloud-based HR management will put your business at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation.


One of the many benefits the cloud has to offer for businesses and HR departments includes organisation. Daily processes are simplified through cloud usage, and businesses are now able to focus their energies on performance and ideas, rather than spend unnecessary time on tasks that should be streamlined through software.

Additionally, the ability to keep all information in one central location allows for less complicated communication, as employees can simply access data and documents through an internet-friendly application, usable on mobile and tablet. This allows for communication security, since employees are no longer forced to comply with the insecure nature of email.

Connected, social media-like communication

Since the cloud is accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet, employees are able to utilise the cloud as a social media-like application, which allows for decisions to be made quicker and more efficiently.

This form of communication also helps employees to feel ‘part of the family’, which in turn creates a friendly, close atmosphere between staff, enabling greater productivity. Employees are also more likely to remain in the workplace, as they feel more connected and part of a broader team.

‘…400% return on collaboration investments…’

Investment in the cloud as a collaboration technology is of significant importance for businesses and HR management. Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm for market research and analysis, conducted a survey in 2009 where more than 3,500 businesses and IT leaders took part, answering questions regarding collaboration technology. The survey found that companies had a 400% return on collaboration investments through technology that facilitated staff teamwork.

Now, in 2016, the results through cloud technology will be more impressive than seven years ago, with less powerful technology.


One common concern that businesses frequently have when it comes to cloud services is the question of security. Many find the concept of cloud services insecure for the reason that all information relating to the HR management of a business is revealed to third party companies.

While this can be disturbing for some, cloud services are on the contrary highly secure. Since the cloud offers HR services to many companies worldwide, it is vital that the security of the system is kept at the highest level possible. Additionally, cloud providers also have a greater IT expertise in comparison to general businesses.

In a survey conducted by business advisory firm TAB, it was reported that nearly 90% of organisational leaders believe that their cloud systems offer above-average security. Not only that, the Wall Street Journal reported that the CIA has struck a $600 million deal for cloud services with Amazon Web Services. This shows quite clearly that cloud services offer the highest level of security, and better security results in greater productivity for HR.



Another benefit of the cloud for HR productivity is the economic advantage. Generally, there are no upfront costs when signing-up to the cloud, and there is merely a flat-rate monthly fee.

This allows for the companies to spend less money on IT support staff and spend more on productivity and business output. There is also no need for the company to constantly update software, as this is done automatically, meaning that the business is always at the forefront of the latest technology.

This boosts innovation and efficiency in HR management, allowing the business to continuously stay ahead.

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