Tas Gray – Future of the Cloud Interview Series

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foundU spoke to Tas Gray from Axiom IT for his thoughts on the future of the cloud.

Will we see the end of local storage i.e. will phones purely use cloud storage?

Definitely not. While cloud storage has becoming increasingly popular the majority of cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) rely on data synchronisation technology which stores local copies of the data to achieve good performance.

The performance of local storage is unlikely to be surpassed by cloud storage any time soon, particularly when large amounts of data are involved. This is due to the comparatively slow speed of internet connections. Instead, what we have seen is a huge reduction in the amount of local storage required since most people generally only work on a small set of data at any given time.

How secure is the cloud really? Will information still be stored locally?

This is not a straightforward question. The reality is that security concerns exist in both cloud and local storage scenarios and more often than not security breaches are the result of human error – eg, opening an email attachment containing a virus or not using a strong password. In saying that, with proper security policies and risk management in place the cloud is always going to be more secure.

Will we ever reach a storage limit? How will we keep storing so much data?

No, it’s not even a possibility. Storage is cheap, easy to create and becoming denser.

How will access to the cloud change? Will computers and phones merely be access points to a centralised cloud that does all computing tasks for millions of users?

Since its inception we have seen a large increase in the number of computing tasks being pushed to the cloud but I think it’s unlikely that devices will ever act only as access points (except in specific scenarios). In most scenarios it makes more sense for the computing to take place on the device as it provides a better user experience.


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