Brenton Johnson – Future of the Cloud Interview Series

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Will we see the end of local storage i.e will phones purely use cloud storage?

It’s unlikely we will see a complete end to local storage until the transfer cost of data comes down and the speed increases. Hybrid solutions will reign supreme for a while yet, however most of the heavy lifting will shift from onsite to offsite in the coming years.

How secure is the cloud really? Will information still be stored locally?

The cloud is generally more secure than on premises solutions due to the economies of scale of working with millions of customers. Its not your local IT firm doing the security, its the people who literally wrote the book on IT security. Also lots of security features almost impossible to implement onsite, like 2FA, are a tickbox in a cloud environment.

Will we ever reach a storage limit? How will we keep storing so much data?

It’s unlikely that this will be a big issue. Its going to be the cost of compute that is going to determine what gets built and what doesn’t.

How will access to the cloud change? Will computers and phones merely be access points to a centralised cloud that does all computing tasks for millions of users?

There will be much better identity solutions than what are currently offered. Our current identity and access solutions are based on things that worked before the internet but will not serve us into the future. The race is currently on to completely remove passwords and to centralise all logins into one account “sign in with facebook” for example.


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