Dr Frank Farrelly – Future of the Cloud Interview Series

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foundU spoke to Dr Frank Farrelly who runs a nearly paperless office using the cloud.

I run a dental practice in Darlinghurst. We use cloud based software as our patient management system. As it is cloud based, we have minimal need for back up as they manage everything. As a fall back, we do back up images locally, but that is just a redundancy in case of internet outage.

Protecting Data

Healthcare data is particularly sensitive, so some people are apprehensive about the cloud. When we explain that a professional data management company, based in Australia, will manage their data better than a firewall at a dentist with a local on-site server, they are happy. We take data protection very seriously, including the use of a fully encrypted website, just in case we receive sensitive queries by contact form.

Changing Consumer Attitudes

From a consumer point of view, the transition will be seamless and the benefits of data portability, access to records and information, even online appointment booking will become the norm. Small business in particular will start to migrate to simple networks and use cloud providers for all their software. We use Xero for accounting, Gmail and Google Drive, Slack for messaging and storage.

Better Business

From our point of view, accessing appointments and information from any location, including from mobile apps, makes responding to patient’s emails after hours easy. We can accept bookings 24/7 online.

As all the data is internet based, we are a virtually paperless office, issuing receipts, treatment plans, referrals etc by email.

Forms are completed by patients on an iPad, so there is no duplication of date (when you arrive you don’t need to refill your name, date of birth etc.) and there is less typos from incorrect transfer of emails or phone numbers.


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