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Reinventing HR

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The HR industry is forever undergoing change. Technological advances have helped transform HR from a ‘service organisation’ to the designer of the ‘organisation of the future’.

The emergence of the cloud has seen a move to more sophisticated and automated HR software systems. All businesses need to consider the cloud against legacy HR systems to stay competitive.

Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report outlines several key trends.

Being the ‘Organisation of the Future’ is listed as the most important challenge facing businesses. In the digital world, technologically skilled candidates are attracted to companies that:

  • deliver exceptional work experience; and
  • embrace work communities that are diverse, empowering and forward-thinking.

Building the ‘organisation of the future’ means embracing technological advances by utilising the latest and most efficient HR software systems.

Reinvention is key. Deloitte explains ‘a new breed of HR products and solutions is coming to the market … built around mobile apps, AI, and consumer-like experiences’. The realm of digital HR is expanding parallel to the worker’s need for optimum experience, and real-time efficiency.

The Report notes the challenge of hiring quality talent is significant, and the talent-sourcing sector is facing ‘tremendous pressure’. Attracting skilled employees is no longer the only responsibility of HR, it is a company-wide pursuit.

It is suggested that businesses should tackle talent acquisition by building an engaging, digital employment brand. The ‘employment’ section of a company should be branded and enticing. Upcoming graduates and potential candidates need to be drawn to applying.

A company should brand and promote a culture that is digital, forward moving and diverse. Additionally, a company should also highlight how it will benefit an employee, including career trajectories, workforce experience and any opportunities for the employee to continue learning.

The modern candidate is drawn to a company and does not necessarily respond to the traditional job application route. At foundU we promote the creation of your own pool of ready recruits to fill future positions. This does not only need to occur when the need arises. Plan in HR as you do for your business. Consider creating an ‘alumni’ that has not even been onboarded.

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