foundU adds more value with a new time and attendance feature

foundU  announced the release of the foundU Clock today. foundU Clock will enable employees to clock-on and clock-off their shifts to confirm roster details and support better record-keeping processes.

foundU co-founder Michael Ott says the feature will add significant value for customers, particularly those in the hospitality and retail industries.

“Many retail and hospitality franchises require time and attendance software to help their managers respond to roster changes in a consistent way.  It also enhances visibility across different work locations to help managers provide accurate forecasts,” he said.

Seamless time and attendance processes

foundU is the first workforce management software company to release time and attendance functionality as a seamless element of its fully end-to-end workforce management platform. Clock-on and clock-off details are seamlessly transferred to timesheets and communicated with payroll following manager approval.

Moving past the hype

Time and attendance tools have gained momentum in the past decade as useful standalone software packages. However, integration with other software has become critical for them to add value. Integrations are often problematic, and restrict businesses to using a specific range of integration partners.

“Customers have surpassed the novelty of standalone time and attendance software, and are now looking for solutions that speak seamlessly with their HRM and payroll packages. By providing a platform that does all these things in one system we are addressing the reservations some employers now have with clock-on and clock-off tools,” Michael said.

About foundU

The foundU workforce management system is an all-round solution for businesses of all sizes and within all industries.

For more information see or email for a free platform demonstration.

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