[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Why is it that so many hospitality and retail business owners are often un-enthused about understanding and utilising technology to increase productivity and effectiveness?

Automation is the way of the future, and we must remember that automation and technology (for the most part) isn’t taking our jobs – it’s making our jobs easier and making us far more effective in the workplace.

When it comes to hospitality and retail, the benefits of utilising technology to manage a workforce are endless –

  • Productivity – streamlined process means hiring managers can spend more time working on revenue and service improvement activities
  • Record keeping– having the ability to quickly and easily keep and access records of your employees means you can ensure all business and legislative requirements are met
  • Power and control – access real time data to control workforce numbers depending on sales. Give employees control over when and how they work. Stop overstaffing shifts.
  • Hiring & Turnover – reduce turnover by increasing employee engagement, and enable quick and easy hiring resulting in better quality candidates
  • Workforce planning – roster functions can accurately project labour costs against budget, and compare EBA against award conditions, accounting for shift, award and job type variations.
  • Accurate award interpretation & payroll – avoid becoming a headline, and ensure you pay your staff properly every time. Reduce mistakes, and avoid fines.
  • Eliminate data entry – this ensures accuracy, reduces employee costs and increases productivity
  • Transparency & Communication – communicate with employees at the click of a button, and automate rosters according to candidate availability.
  • Combat No-Shows – create a candidate pool of ‘ready recruits’ that are easily accessed via automatic-job fill, and leverage geo-location capability to ensure availability.

…And that really doesn’t even touch the surface…there are so many more benefits to streamlining your workforce management processes through technology.

Most businesses are redesigning their digital HR models, a Deloitte report finds

More than half of businesses surveyed in the 2017 Deloitte Report: ‘Global Human Capital Trends’ were in the process of redesigning their digital business models. A similar portion planned to leverage digital and mobile tools to improve HR processes.

The rapid evolution of cloud technology has been a catalyst for digital HR restructures, as employers look to automate everyday tasks so their HR teams can develop people-related strategies.

Australian employers can expect to see more professional employees juggling multiple casual or part-time roles. Accommodating this new breed of employee requires a significant shift in mind-set, moving away from treating workforces as employees on a balance sheet.

The businesses leading the pack have adopted new technology to facilitate increased employee engagement and remove unnecessary administrative tasks so HR professionals can spend more time putting the ‘human’ back in HR.

The emergence of the cloud has seen a move to more sophisticated and automated HR software systems. All businesses need to consider the cloud against legacy HR systems to stay competitive.

There are many advantages to the cloud, and while the changeover could take up to a couple of days, cloud-based HR management will put your business at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation.

One of the many benefits the cloud offers for businesses and HR departments includes organisation. Daily processes are simplified through cloud usage, and businesses are now able to focus their energies on performance and ideas, rather than spend unnecessary time on tasks that should be streamlined through software.

Additionally, the ability to keep all information in one central location allows for less complicated communication, as employees can simply access data and documents through an internet-friendly application, usable on mobile and tablet. This allows for communication security, since employees are no longer forced to comply with the insecure nature of email.

Since the cloud is accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet, employees can utilise the cloud as a social media-like application, which allows for decisions to be made quicker and more efficiently.

Another benefit of the cloud for HR productivity is the economic advantage. Generally, there are no upfront costs when signing-up to the cloud, and there is merely a flat-rate monthly fee.

This allows for the companies to spend less money on IT support staff and spend more on productivity and business output. There is also no need for the company to constantly update software, as this is done automatically, meaning that the business is always at the forefront of the latest technology.

This boosts innovation and efficiency in HR management, allowing the business to continuously stay ahead.

foundU streamlines all workforce operations to ensure uniformity and to increase labour productivity through the optimisation of resources. The pricing structure ensures the solution remains affordable and relevant throughout all the businesses seasonal lifecycle.

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