We often hear of the cloud through the benefits it has for big-ticket companies, but many underestimate the power of cloud technology for smaller, everyday businesses.

There are many aspects of business that can be streamlined through cloud technology. Small businesses implementing the cloud will be able to:

  • Reduce costs & increase efficiency
  • Enable a flexible business structure
  • Integrate systems across multiple departments
  • Ensure safer storage for data
  • Facilitate increased collaboration
  1. Reduced Costs + Increased Efficiency

Since cloud technology utilises computing power to its maximum extent, hardware for physical storage is minimised. This reduces costs significantly, allowing businesses to save on maintenance and IT support costs.

Upgrades are catered for through automatic software updates that are often included within the cloud service provider contract.

Cloud service providers are also generally available through pay-as-you-go subscription models. This allows the cost to be spread out, as opposed to one large upfront payment.

  1. Flexible business structure

Through cloud technology, your business structure will be accessible from any location, including from home, the train or remotely while on holiday. The idea of a ‘virtual office’ will be enticing to prospective employees who are looking for greater flexibility and innovation.

  1. Integration across multiple departments

Another advantage of the cloud is its ability to integrate with back-office systems operating various other processes. Your cloud system could seamlessly integrate with departments such as human resources, marketing and accounting.

  1. Safer storage for data

Cloud technology allows for safer storage of company data. It provides off-site backup reinforced by a team of top-notch experts who are paid to focus on one thing – data security.

Where there is a data breach at HQ, the business will be able to access cloud data regardless of any security breaches at the office.

  1. Facilitates increased collaboration

Employees can access, edit, comment and share documents seamlessly, and at any time through the flexibility offered by the cloud. File sharing and editing occurs in real-time, allowing transparency and full visibility of collaborations.

Administrators or employers are also able to implement permission controls, and limit access.

Tracking and management capabilities are also possible, which again increases efficiency.


Cloud technology benefits all businesses, whether they be large or small, and assists in multiple facets of business. Through the cloud, businesses are able to streamline processes, facilitate flexibility and encourage collaboration. Is your business ready for the future?