The emphasis on team building within companies is prominent in today’s business world. Companies are pushing towards group-orientated workplaces, with offices featuring open-plan layouts encouraging a collaborative environment.

More and more frequently are we seeing businesses search for new ways to encourage team building. For instance, several German corporate names run their own company-linked symphony orchestras. Staff in accountancy, sales, IT and even engineering congregate regularly to rehearse and perform Beethoven in an effort to facilitate team building.

Fortunately, with the development of cloud technology, businesses do not have to resort to these drastic measures to ensure team collaboration.

Technology assists company culture in a number of ways, including through flexibility, experiential learning, and videoconferencing.

Flexibility through cloud technology

Cloud technology is especially helpful when it comes to flexible working. Through the cloud, employees are able to access work from any place and at any time. Multiple staff members can work from one document simultaneously, in real time, and receive feedback instantly.

Experiential Learning

Technology can allow for experiential learning, which creates an immersive and enjoyable experience for employees through smartphones, tablets, computers and potentially virtual reality. Employees can engage in the activity of problem solving together, which strengthens professional relationships whilst facilitating workplace learning.

Videoconferencing / Group Calls

Videoconferencing is another way in which team building can be enhanced. Webinars can also be held in order to cut travel time and expenses, whilst allowing for group collaboration at any location.

The importance of workplace culture in the modern business world should not be underestimated. Businesses should work hard to build a strong team within the office, and enable team building through the latest technology available.