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Meet our Account Manager: Max Shochet

By September 25, 2018 October 17th, 2018 No Comments


Max joined our Customer Success team in 2017. His previous role at a multi-national company specialising in off-shore staffing solutions, together with his law/journalism qualification, provide him with unique insights on the pain points experienced by our Customers.

Since joining the CS team, Max has helped refine the implementation process and has contributed to the ongoing evolution of the Platform’s functionality. He is a whizz when it comes to setting up Awards/Agreements – and is our ‘go-to’ person when we have questions about this part of the system.

In addition to his CS work Max helped to build upon the ongoing environmental and social initiatives at foundU. He introduced a better recycling system, moved the office away from single use water bottles and recently coordinated our Pink Ribbon Breakfast. (Doesn’t he look handsome with his pink hair after hitting his $1000 fundraising goal!)

In his spare time Max is an avid follower of Soccer and Cricket and enjoys playing a round of golf and a match of tennis.