Payroll Professionals find awards confusing and contradictory

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A new day and a new headline.  Another Australian company found to have underpaid their staff. 

While most are unintentional, it’s hardly surprising given the complexity of the Australian industrial laws.

The Australian Payroll Association conducted a survey with 520 payroll managers recently, and the results were interesting.  89% said they were unsure how to apply laws to real-world situations because they didn’t know how to interpret the wording of awards and legislation.

Is there a simple solution? 

At foundU we made the decision several years ago to demystify payroll and turned the entire process on its head.  At the end of the day it’s an algorithm – set the rules, capture the time and the rest takes care of itself. 

Gone are the days of chasing timesheets, trying to work out if it’s normal hours or an afternoon shift penalty.  With the foundU Platform the payroll process starts when you assign a position to an employee.  From there you schedule shifts, capture worked time and approve hours as you go.  Come payroll day the draft payslips have calculated the employee’s pay (figured out if it’s normal time, penalty rates or overtime), and all you have to do is a final checks before producing a bank file and reporting to Single Touch Payroll.

We take the stress out of payroll so you can focus on running your business.

Want to see how the foundU Platform could work for your business?  Click here and one of our team will take you through a tailored demo.

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