We would love to tell you who saved $40,000 in one click, but our client is a little shy. For this case study, we will call them Client X.


Client X was in trouble…

Client X came to us with some big problems. With 900 casual and permanent staff across 40 locations under five different awards, payroll and HR wasn’t easy. Client X was in trouble and needed help.


What Client X was looking for…

They were looking for a solution that stopped the time theft, made rostering a breeze and shortened payroll from days to minutes.

They didn’t want to be constantly double-checking roster costs and stressing that they weren’t paying staff correctly. Client X was sick of calling people to see if they could work and back-paying staff if they worked a different position.


This is how we helped…

While Client X was struggling, however, they weren’t alone. We have seen hundreds of businesses face challenges like Client X and we knew what to do.

Step 1

We introduced the foundU clock to Client X’s 40 sites. The clock syncs with the employees shifts and alerts Client X if extra time is added or shifts are worked outside normal hours.

Step 2

Client X were struggling to on-board staff. We introduced them to our simple, five step on-boarding process. Now Client X can on-board staff in minutes and deploy them the next day.

Step 3

With all the new staff, Client X didn’t want to lose track of their wage costs. We made our rostering tool so simple, 17-year-old managers create rosters and keep them within budget.

Step 4

When demand is low, Client X pays less. We only charge for active users (staff who worked that week). We don’t make any client pay for users who aren’t working.


How Client X saved $40,000…

Once Client X was ready, we ran the foundU Platform pay run tool in conjunction with their old system. The foundU process took 90 minutes to pay 900 permanent and casual staff instead of three days.

When Client X compared the results, they found they were losing $40,000 every pay run to time theft and poor record keeping.

If you want to stop time theft, save thousands and pay for the foundU Platform in one pay run, book a demo.