Roster & Wage Cost

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, responding to fluctuating staff levels and rostering them efficiently could be the key to survival.

The foundU rostering system gives Australian businesses the tools to manage costs, find the right staff fast and communicate your latest COVID-19 company updates.

Here’s how we help:

Budget Controls

You assign a budget against your weekly roster and instantly see live staff costings. You can set limits and see what individual shifts are costing you. Allow other staff to create rosters and block shifts from being added the moment the budget limit is reached.

For emergency and ad hoc shifts, we give you the power to add additional allowances on the fly. If a staff member is covering a different position from their normal, you can account for this by adding an allowance.

This will automatically calculate during payroll.

Finding the Right Staff

You can see your staff availability at a glance. See who is on sick leave and holiday, who is under fatigue rules and any conflicting shifts. You can also organise employees by hours worked and assign shifts accordingly.

If you need staff fast, you can offer shifts to all employees that are available and meet your criteria. Staff are notified by the foundU app, click yes and are given all the relevant shift details.

Communicate with Staff

Staff communication is key – never more so than in current times. This doesn’t mean reaching for the phone or sending bulk emails. Instead, the foundU rostering system allows you to:

Notify all rostered staff via the ‘Roster Notes’ function i.e you can remind staff to wash hands and maintain social distancing.

Managers can notify staff working on a particular day to sign the latest COVID-19 policy documents (done in app) via the ‘Day Notes’ function.

Managers can go to a granular level and remind certain staff of a task like ordering more hand sanitiser with the ‘Shift Comments’ function.

We want to make staff communication easy as possible during this difficult time.

If you want to find out more about how our roster tool works, book a free, no obligation call with Rowena below.

We’re foundU. We’re here to help.