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Long payroll processing time and error-prone paper time sheets 


Introduction of the foundU Clock


Error free record keeping and quicker payroll 

Have you ever processed payroll using paper timesheets? Squinted at tiny numbers, wondered why someone had added an extra line or asked your colleague to decipher a squiggle? 

Ever lost one, ever had one handed in late or not all? How about an employee calling asking why you didn’t follow the timesheet and you wondering what are they even talking about? 


Carina Roberston from Acorn Recruitment found herself saying yes to a lot of those questions. Acorn Recruitment was spending days collating paper timesheets, double-checking them and fixing human error.

With staff across multiple sites, Carina was sick of spending most of her week to complete payroll and wanted something, faster, quicker and easier.

Well Carina was in luck, with the implementation of foundU, Australia’s first true, end-to-end payroll and HR system.


How we helped

Introduced the foundU Clock

Trying to decipher timesheets was now a thing of the past with the introduction of the foundU Clock. All Carina needed was an iPad and now all her casual employees can clock-in and clock-out with ease.

Clock-in and clock-times have to match rostered shift times, effectively removing timesheet errors.

Client Approval  

Completed shifts are sent to the client for approval in one click. Once approved, the shift is compliant and ready for payroll. No more double checking, email chains and missing timesheets.

Get Employees on Board  

With the introduction of the foundU Clock and quicker payroll process times, employees love the new system.

“they love it, absolutely love it – no one could see us going back to the old way” Carina Roberston, Acorn Recruitment


Full Support

Implementation of the foundU Platform is completely free and every customer receives a dedicated account manager. With the support of foundU and the new system, Carina estimates she is saving at least 50-70% on her payroll processing time.
“The greatest asset at foundU is the help – very prompt” Carina Roberston, Acorn Recruitment



Carina now enjoys a payroll process that takes hours instead of days, accurate timesheets and easy client approval.

If you want to be like Carina, book in for a no obligation call with Rowena by clicking here. Ask anything you want and find out more about the foundU Platform.

If you want to be like Carina, book in for no obligation call with Rowena by clicking here. Ask anything you want and find out more about the foundU Platform.