An interview with Peter Remfrey from Pandanus Group

Peter Remfrey is the Executive Director of Pandanus Group, Australia’s leading Indigenous engagement and labour hire firm. Peter has been in the labour hire industry for over 15 years and has been working with foundU across multiple organisations, before implementing the platform in his business.

Peter has seen it all; from faxed timesheets, to Excel spreadsheets and days long payroll runs. He knew there had a to be a better way and uses foundU to cut costs, reduce time and win more business.

We talk to Peter about how he does it.

Contactless On-Boarding

Using foundU to on-board staff has helped us win business. With the need to be COVID-19 safe and completely contactless on-boarding, we can make a strong business case for health and safety compared to competitors.


‘Offering a contactless solution has helped us win more business ’ Peter Remfrey, Pandanus Group


It also helps our speed to market with the ability to on-board someone in minutes vs days (and have all their licenses etc in one, easily accessible place).

The foundU App 

With all our staff clock-in and clock-out done via the foundU App and geo-location we have no need for communal timesheets. As mentioned above, this helps with social distancing and remaining COVID-19 safe.

Staff can also see all their upcoming shifts, shift details and who they will be reporting to.

Fast Payroll 

Where we see the biggest timesaving compared to old school methods. Before foundU, we either received faxes or photos of timesheets. Those timesheets then had to be entered one-by-one into an Excel spreadsheet before being imported into our accounting software. When you have a business of 700 staff, this takes two days.


‘With foundU, it takes about two hours’ Peter Remfrey, Pandanus Group


Beating the Big Boys

With foundU, it gives us the ability to compete with bigger players. foundU gives us compliant award interpretation, better wage costings, scalability and speed.


‘The reason I’ve been with foundU for four years is because it’s the best for what I want to do’ Peter Remfrey, Pandanus Group