Become a pro with the GO1 Corporate Finance Suite Playlist

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Become a pro with the GO1 Corporate Finance Suite Playlist

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Course Overview

While corporate finance may not make you spring out of bed, it is an essential part of business. Being comfortable with complex numbers gives you a new level of insight and confidence when dealing with challenges.  
To get to that level, you need a course like GO1’s curated playlist of corporate finance courses that will take you from numbers newbie to board room pro.  

103 hrs

Total course length is 103 hours with 18 separate modules. If studied for just half an hour a day, you would be finished in just over 40 weeks. 


An in-depth course that gives you more value than most.
Less scratching your head with a focus on analysing financial reports.
Pick and choose modules, you don’t need to complete them all.
Finish the course with high-level technical skills in Excel and PowerPoint.
Learn new skills like restructuring and understanding how debt in business works.
Delivered by experienced professionals with real experience.

What you leave with

A thorough understanding of high-level corporate finance and more confidence when dealing with financial modeling.  

Who’s it good for

Senior HR and payroll professionals who want to have more strategic input into their business. Would also be a great opportunity for professionals who are looking to upskill and have a point of difference in a competitive market.  

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