Replacing a 10 year old database and 2 systems


The integrated foundU Platform


Processes cut from days to hours

In operation for over 50 years, the Veneto Club is home to great food, quality sporting facilities and over 100 staff.  It’s also home to Chris Sier, Commercial Operations Manager and foundU customer.  

While the club has a proud history, it didn’t want to be stuck in the past when it came to its payroll and HR.  
It had two systems that didn’t talk to each other and a long complicated payroll process that took days. Onboarding was paper based, and rostering was a complicated process that didn’t update in real time.  
If a single mistake was made, it would throw the whole system out of whack, leading to hours of work for Chris to find the mistake. 

‘Before foundU, ‘problematic’ is the word’  Chris Sier, Veneto Club

The two systems were over a decade old, slow to update and filled with junk data. Chris needed a new integrated platform that took his work from days to hours. 

How we helped

To help bring Veneto into the modern day (and set them up for the future), we introduced Chris to a range of powerful foundU Platform tools to cut time, save costs and make his job easier. 

Real Time Rosters

The foundU rostering tool is simple and easy to use. So simple, Chris can pass responsibility on to other departments to create rosters. Chris can check-in at anytime and see all the rosters at a glance (and full roster costs by day, shift and week).  

With real time roster updating and the ability to work on multiple rosters at once, Chris doesn’t need to keep tabs open, be constantly flicking between programs and hitting save. The foundU Platform allows for changes to be made anytime while updating automatically.  

The user interface, the drag, the copy, the multi delete, all that kind of stuff and how quickly it refreshes – it’s leaps and bounds in front of what we were usingChris Sier, Veneto Club


Super Fast Payroll 

A day’s long payroll process is no one’s idea of good time.

We made it a good time for Chris by giving him the power to approve shifts on the fly, meaning when it’s time for payroll, he only has to quickly double-check and then pay.

With a completely integrated system, there is no need to manually input data from one system to the other. With foundU’s automated checks, human error has dramatically dropped, and Chris can pay rest assured that he is paying under the right award and conditions.

We’re talking days, not hours of efficiency gains’  Chris Sier, Veneto Club

A Completely Paperless Operation 

A 50 year old club can produce a lot of documentation, particularly when it comes to on-boarding and storing staff documents.  

The foundU Platform is completely paperless, every employee action, roster and document is stored in their profile for easy access. 

As restrictions ease, Chris looks forward to onboarding new staff with a paperless procedure that cuts down time and cost.  

Reports can be generated in seconds and because the club is committee run, Chris can provide the latest information from over 50 different data points.

‘ The amount of streamlined processes and the ability to report on something which previously may not have been able to do is huge. It’s not just timesaving. It’s everything in one place and records digitized. Excellent.’  Chris Sier, Veneto Club

The C Word (coronavirus)

The coronavirus pandemic has been a tough time for everyone (particularly hospitality businesses like Chris’). We made it easier with automated JobKeeper payment tools and clear and concise updates on the latest legislation. We rolled out platform changes quickly and gave Veneto as much support as we could to get the through the pandemic.

‘ The great thing is that it’s been fairly agile, within a week or two, the platform had new bells or whistles or reports to assist our business in getting through a really tough time.’  Chris Sier, Veneto Club


If you have a proud company history but want to make your payroll and HR processes a little more new school, book a call at a time of your choosing below with our friendly team.  

In a no-obligation call, they will be able to answer any questions about the platform or any HR and payroll related questions in general.

‘It’s really hard to put it into one little sentence, but the advantages of foundU are profound, especially if you are currently using multiple platforms and especially ones that don’t talk to each other’  Chris Sier, Veneto Club