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Integrating four separate HR systems into one


A completely integrated platform


Four hours a week saved

When it’s a perfect day and the surf is pumping at Palm Beach, everyone heads to one spot, the Palm Beach Surf Club for a cold beverage and a delicious meal. At the club, Executive Manager, Daragh Murphy, supports a team of almost 70 staff working across a range of casual and full-time positions.

While Daragh runs a tight ship, it wasn’t all sunshine before foundU – he was using four separate systems to manage his workforce. The management team were constantly swapping between platforms, duplicating data and extracting employee records only to have to load them into another system.

When staff joined or left, management had to manually create employee records or delete them across multiple logins. Staff onboarding was paper heavy and manual processes were the norm.

When it’s a perfect day outside, Daragh didn’t want to be stuck with a mountain of admin and time-consuming HR processes. He wanted a fully integrated system that gave him the time to focus on supporting the team and looking after members.

This is how he did it with foundU.


How We Helped


Paperless On-boarding

The foundU on-boarding process is entirely paperless and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and new staff  can be invited to on-board before they even set foot in the club. Management can see what stage they’re at in the on-boarding process and collect important documents like RSAs and licences.

If new staff are slow to on-board, the foundU platform even sends automatic reminders to complete the process.

‘‘Rather than new staff arriving and spending two hours filling out paperwork, they can complete a lot of that information before they start. Their first day is now a lot more enjoyable and interactive than just sitting in front of forms.’’  Daragh Murphy,  Executive Manager


Integrated Rostering and Payroll

Before foundU, the team at the Palm Beach Surf Club had to match the rostered hours against time and attendance data in two separate systems. With foundU, they approve a rostered shift and payroll data is instantly generated – a draft payslip is created, awards interpreted, and all allowances calculated.

If staff move between positions or are no longer available, the management team can change the roster in real time and all relevant information will automatically update.

As the week progresses, management simply approves shifts each day and when it comes to payroll, double checks the numbers and generates an ABA.

‘‘The ability to pre-approve shifts the week or at the end of every day has meant that there’s less time spent on the day of payroll.” Daragh Murphy, Executive Manager


Throw out the Filing Cabinet

The Palm Beach team have been able to digitise all employee documents. The moment a staff member joins the business, an HR file is automatically created to store all their important documents. The system can also be used for policy and procedure acknowledgment and staff search with a database of over 50 different search criteria.

‘‘We’ve been able to digitize the storage of  all our documents, ready to go back to their HR files in foundU electronically rather than having paper based filing cabinets to retain all the employee records.” Daragh Murphy, Executive Manager


Top Notch Support

We’re an Aussie business who understands other Aussie businesses like the Palm Beach Surf Club. Our support team is 100% Australian based and go above and beyond when it comes to helping customers. For the club, we’re locally based and understand the unique problems they may face.

‘‘The key takeaway is that the team are very, very accessible. They know our site and familiar with who we are and how we operate.” Daragh Murphy, Executive Manager


If you’re stuck in a HR riptide and are looking for a way out, book in a no-obligation call with Rowena below. The foundU Platform will integrate your systems and save you time.

‘‘‘We would estimate that we have saved three and a half to four hours a week with foundU’ ” Daragh Murphy, Executive Manager

Do you want four hours of your week back?