One of the most time-consuming tasks for managers is rostering staff.

Planning out shifts, managing time-off requests, handling unexpected leave and casual rosters while trying to meet your business’s needs. It could take hours of your day that could be spent more wisely.

So, the big question is how to roster staff effectively? Are there any tips and tricks to making a roster for your staff that won’t waste your time, and that will take into account all the nuances of your business?

Take a look at expert advice on how to create a roster that keeps your business running smoothly and ensures your staff’s satisfaction.

1.  First Thing’s First – Use a Reliable Roster Software

If you’re wondering how to do a roster effectively, chances are you’ve been doing it manually for longer than you’d care to admit. While it’s entirely possible to rely on a pen and paper for this task, it’s inefficient.

You need reliable roster software.

It enables you to automate employee management and streamline staff rostering. A task that would take precious time to complete can be finished in seconds with a comprehensive workforce management solution.

foundU’s management software has all the features you need to calculate total roster costs, clock in and out, schedule staff, and more. Give it a try, and you’ll see precisely how it can make your life easier.

2.  Plan out Team Roster Templates Before Adding Specific Employees

After you’ve gotten your rostering software, it’s time to customise and plan out schedules that suit your business’s and your employees’ needs.

It’s best to start with creating a team roster template – think of which roles you need to fill on which days. Do you need managers and assistant managers in the same shift? Do you require more staff on the weekends? Fill in the roles you need, and only then add the actual names. It will make scheduling much easier.

3.  Know to Create Efficient Teams (experienced + inexperienced)

On the busier days of the week and during peak times, you’ll need to have the most efficient employees with you. Create teams that can handle more demanding schedules, and fill up the roster with your more experienced staff.

During quieter periods, team up inexperienced employees with veterans. They’ll have more time to learn and build their skills, and you can worry less about customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

4.  Allow Employee Access to Roster for Work

Employee access to rosters is a must. You need to enable your employees to see exactly when they’ll be expected to come in.

A bonus is that access to roster software will allow them to swap shifts and agree on schedules between themselves. If an employee needs to take a day off due to an emergency, they can swap shifts in a click and leave you to handle more important matters.

5.  Impose Deadlines for Time-off Requests

Including a strict deadline for time off requests is critical if you want to avoid understaffing issues. Require all employees to submit their requests in an appropriate time frame, but leave room for illnesses and other emergencies.

A comprehensive roster software will enable you to handle days off, leave compensation, and more in just a few clicks.

The Bottom Line

Rostering staff doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming task. With the help of foundU platform, you can manage your entire workforce with ease and handle any rostering issues within seconds.

Contact us to solve all your rostering worries and help you boost your efficiency and productivity.