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Lack of workforce transparency and very paper based and manual processes


The suite of foundU workforce management tools


50% faster HR, rostering and payroll processes

TARDISS are a not-for-profit organisation and a registered NDIS provider that provides quality in home and community access support, whilst working with the participant in striving to meet their life goals. Based in Townsville with over 100 staff working across a range of positions, they are passionate about supporting participants and families across the region.

Before foundU, the TARDISS team used a very paper based and manual system for employee recruitment, onboarding, rostering and payroll processes. The payroll team would then have to photocopy the sheets for all staff and enter manually into MYOB.

Onboarding required the candidate to sign multiple forms and visit the head office. There were issues when rosters were changed, with accuracy dependant on office staff knowing if someone was working overtime or was no longer available.

There was a lack of transparency with shifts and when it came to payroll, it was a manual process of data entry and double-checking that was taking two days to complete across multiple systems.

TARDISS needed to cut the paper, integrate their platforms and have transparency when managing a workforce that works in the field.

This is how they did it with foundU.


How We Helped

Workforce Transparency
The foundU Roster will automatically alert team leaders if staff are working overtime, unavailable or are doubled up. To make it easier for admin at TARDISS, team leaders can create, publish and make changes to their rosters depending on demand and staff availability.

The rosters are 100% paperless and can easily be accessed by staff in the foundU App. In the app, staff can also set their availability and find out more about the shift.

‘Simply looking at a roster, I can see the potential grand total of combined hours a worker is booked for the week.’’  Ross Crawford, Support Leader


Accurate Payroll for Accurate Claims

The foundU Platform seamlessly sends roster and shift information to the payroll module for automatic calculation. The payroll module will automatically interpret awards, and calculate complex overtime and allowance scenarios.

Due to the quality of the data in foundU, TARDISS use the platform for cross-checking and claiming allowances and mileage logs. This has reduced errors and sped up their claims process.

”We use the data in foundU to assist in the auditing and cost checking and to make sure there are no errors in the claiming  process”  Vicky Hultgren, Corporate Service Manager


Do Anywhere Onboarding

Before foundU, recruitment and onboarding was a paper-based process with candidates having to send employee documents to a central email. From there, the admin team would work through applications and have a limited overview of where applicants were at in the onboarding journey.

Now with foundU, the process is entirely paperless with applicants able to pre-register without being directed to by TARDISS. They can upload all documents online which ensures TARDISS have all mandatory compliance requirements completed.

The letter of engagement is sent out through the system and new employees can sign and return with a quick turnaround – before they would have to sign and scan back or drop off to the office.

The TARDISS team only need to login into the platform to see exactly what stage staff are at and what documents they have uploaded.

”I like how all the onboarding and compliance are in the same area and how we can customise and add more compliance and onboarding options as we identify changes within our organisation and legislation.”  Wendy Hjorth, Intake Coordinator 


Free Learning Management System

foundU has partnered with Australia’s biggest learning management system, GO1, to provide a free LMS to all foundU customers.

TARDISS use GO1 for all their training needs and track how their employees are progressing. For example, during the onboarding process, new staff have to the read and acknowledge the ICT policy on the GO1 platform before being issued a staff email.

TARDISS can easily add new training material to the system and employees can access training wherever they are – perfect for a remote workforce.

“To be able to assign, track and report on training in the system is a huge improvement on having to use Excel spreadsheets”  Vicky Hultgren, Corporate Services Manager


Clear and Transparent Pricing

TARDISS are a not-for-profit organisation with a fluctuating workforce and needed a system that could scale to demand and only charge when an employee actually worked.

To help, foundU has a flat fee based on active users – those that work one shift a week, not total employee numbers. We offer unlimited support, free implementation and no modular pricing. You pay the fee, you get access to everything.

To make it even easier, we have no lock in contracts and you can cancel at any time with one months’ notice.

‘‘The support received pre, during and post implementation has been essential to our success ” Ross Elton, IT Project Manager

If you’re a business that does a great job in the community and wants to do the same in the office, book in below for a no-obligation call with Rowena. The foundU Platform will save you time, streamline your processes and make it easier for everyone.


‘‘foundU has supported the growth of the business. We wouldn’t be able to maintain or even function without an efficient system due to the growth in service delivery. We have doubled in participant size in the last 12 months. It has improved our capability to manage and support our workforce and manage core business functions.” Sandi Sims, General Manager