Cutting the paper, intergrating systems, putting the onus on employees


foundU’s self-managed employee profile


No more paper and a 50% reduction in payroll processing time

Rainbow Beach Hotel is part of a hospitality group with over 50 staff between four venues. Paying these staff is Rachelle Markey, who wears many hats as the bookkeeper and payroll officer.

Before foundU, Rachelle was an extremely busy person.  She would have to spend hours manually coding timesheets, integrating them with MYOB and processing pay. She had to chase staff for documents and spend time onboarding new employees.

Staff would email her to request changes to their profile, and Rachelle had little idea when employees changed financial or personal details.

Rachelle needed a system that was end-to-end, automated her manual processes and saved her time.

She needed foundU.

How We Helped


A Team Effort

At Rainbow Beach Hotel, the onus is on managers to onboard staff and roster them correctly. During onboarding, department managers can see exactly who has uploaded and signed documents, taking the pressure off Rachelle.

‘foundU puts the onus on the managers to ensure that the employee has finished the onboarding process, signed off on all the documents and supplied all the correct documentation before they can be put on the roster’  Rachelle Markey, Head Bookkeeper


Employee Managed Profiles

Before foundU, Rachelle had to deal with employees bombarding her with emails to update their details. Staff can now update their details via their own self-managed profile with changes automatically flowing through the platform.

If an employee changes their bank account, pay will automatically go into the new account – no work for Rachelle.

‘If they want to update the details, it’s up to them now … all those kinds of things that just I don’t have to worry about that anymore’ Rachelle Markey, Head Bookkeeper


50% Faster Pay

Payroll is super-fast with foundU. With complete integration and instant shift approval, Rachelle can generate pay in the click of a button.

‘What would normally take two hours between two locations took me less than one hour’  Rachelle Markey, Head Bookkeeper


Easy Adjustments

The foundU Platform is made to be user friendly with changes reflecting in real time. If there are missing hours or mistakes, all Rachelle needs to do is find the relevant record, update it, and enjoy automatic adjustment.

“It’s so easy to go back to the last pay period and just enter the right hours. It automatically works out the adjustment” Rachelle Markey, Head Bookkeeper

If you wear many hats and want to ditch a few, book in for no obligation demo below and find out why 500+ Australian businesses are using foundU.