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An hour per employee saved using foundU

With the chances of getting on a flight to Greece and eating a yiros on the beach of Mykonos looking slim for the foreseeable future, there is only one place to go.

The Yiros Shop, home to Queensland’s most authentic and tastiest yiros. With over seven stores, 130+ staff and aggressive expansion plans, The Yiros Shop relies on foundU to help manage their staff effectively.

It wasn’t all delicious slow-cooked lamb shoulder and halloumi chips before foundU. Business Development Manager, Luke Greenhow, was part of a management team that relied on multiple systems, no integration and Whatsapp group messages to communicate with staff.

Onboarding was a paper heavy process with multiple steps and little oversight while their staff development program was in its infancy.

Luke and the team were looking for an end-to-end system that saved them time, helped train their staff and made their lives easier.

Here’s how they found it with foundU.


How We Helped


Paperless Onboarding

The Yiros Shop uses foundU to onboard staff with a simple, five step procedure that is completely paperless. New starters can onboard from any device and Luke has complete oversight of the process including the ability to pause onboarding or check progression.

‘The process is so easy, when you’re onboarding 100+ staff, the timesaving adds up’  Luke Greenhow, Business Development Manager


Super Easy Rostering

Before foundU, Luke was responsible for creating rosters for seven stores. With foundU, he can pass that responsibility to area managers, confident that wage costs will be managed and staff correctly assigned.

With the easy drag and drop interface and automatic rules, management can create rosters for an entire store in as little as 30 minutes.

‘You can create a weekly roster for an entire store in half an hour with foundU’ Luke Greenhow, Business Development Manager


Smart Document Management

Before foundU, managers sent team members new policies and updates via Whatsapp group messages.

With foundU, staff can electronically sign new policy via their profile which is permanently recorded in the system. Luke can instantly see who has acknowledged documents, remind those that haven’t and securely store records by venue.

‘You can see who’s accepted it and who hasn’t which helps keep policies up-to-date’  Luke Greenhow, Business Development Manager


Smarter Staff with GO1 Integration

Luke uses foundU’s integration with Australia’s largest learning management system, GO1 to train and onboard his staff. The Yiros Shop creates their own content, uploads it to the LMS and delivers bespoke training.

As the team grows, management can create more specific courses to upskill and educate their workforce.

“All our new store managers who have joined the business in the past six months have found it really helpful” Luke Greenhow, Business Development Manager

While we can’t offer you a Grecian holiday, we can offer you a system that will save you time and give you control over your workforce.

Book below for a customised demo of the foundU Platform, and find out how hundreds of Australian businesses and managers like Luke have changed how they operate for the better.

“Definitely an hour per employee saved using foundU” Luke Greenhow, Business Development Manager