Chris Condon is an experienced hospitality operator and owner of stylish inner-city cocktail bar, Hello Gorgeous and gourmet fast-casual restaurant, Good Lookin Rooster. His two venues employ around 30 full-time and casual staff with plans to grow the brands over the next few years.








Starting a hospitality business and finding the right workforce management system.


foundU’s end-to-end system


A completely intergrated, end-to-end system with no need for extra software.

In his time, Chris has seen it all. Paper heavy processes, poor Award interpretation and inefficient rostering.

When it came to opening his new venues, Chris didn’t want to be stuck with multiple systems, manual payroll and complex rosters. He wanted a seamless, end-to-end platform that did it all.

This is why he chose foundU.


hours/week saved


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How We Helped


Real-time Roster Costings

One of the biggest challenges hospitality businesses face is managing their wage bill. foundU makes it easy with the total roster cost always displayed as users create or modify rosters.

This feature allows Chris to pass on responsibility for creating rosters to other staff. With the budget always being displayed, staff can work to the number and know exactly where they stand.

Chris can see what he is spending per day, per week and even per shift.

‘The cost is always displayed in the top-right hand of the roster. Saying you didn’t know is not an excuse.’ Chris Condon


Flexible Payroll for a Flexible Workforce

With a casual workforce, Chris doesn’t want to spend hours making changes to payroll every time someone swaps a shift or calls in sick.

With foundU, the roster fully integrates with the payroll module and updates in real time. If Chris makes a change, draft payslips automatically update and total payroll re-calculates.

When it comes to payday, all Chris has to do is check the final number and press pay, confident that he is making a fully compliant, up-to-date pay run.

‘Simple, it’s so quick. You’ve still got flexibility at the end of an operations or people swapping a shift you can still edit it. If everything goes according to plan, it’s a 10 minute process’ Chris Condon


Employee Led Onboarding

Chris doesn’t want to be storing documents and collecting paper every time a casual staff member joins his businesses. Instead, he invites employees to onboard and lets them upload their documents and go through the process at their own pace.

‘It’s responsibility to get it done and to get on the roster and they tend to get it done pretty quickly’  Chris Condon


A Compliant Platform

Chris always runs a compliant business with foundU’s industry leading Award interpretation engine, third-party legal checks and secure document storage. RSA’s are stored securely and available for checks by the OLGR. He pays his staff under the right Award and always calculates the correct allowances.

When pay rates update, foundU automatically implements them across his sites.

‘You cannot NOT be compliant when using foundU’  Chris Condon


Easy Staff Communication

With multiple sites and a flexible workforce, it can be struggle to communicate with all staff. Chris uses the platform to inform staff of new policy and procedure, record and track policy acknowledgement and even invite the team to weekly drinks.

‘It’s documented. It’s on people’s profile and the Platform. They read it, they acknowledge it and there’s no wriggle room’Chris Condon