Pay Super in just one click with our brand-new Beam integration. The new integration automatically calculates Super amounts based on shift info and Award worked under. Once ready, you receive a notification, double-check and press pay.

Manage any Entity
Manage entity registration with Beam – including direct debit and refund accounts.

Pay how you like
Pay super batches with Direct Debit, EFT and BPAY transfers.

Real Time Validation
Employee and Employer detail validation in real time with refund handling for incorrect funds and overpayments.

Employee Superfund Registration
Member IDs will be returned and stored in employee profiles after their first payment for new registrations.

Never Forget a Payment
Automatic reminders for upcoming Super payments, due payments – completed and errors/refunds.

Select any Fund
With BEAM’s service, both employees and employers can select any valid Australian Super fund. This can be done at stage (from onboarding to office code set-up) and incorrect funds will automatically be rejected.

IF you want a piece of our new BEAM integration and you’re sick of missing payments or exporting CSV files, book in for a demo below with one of our BEAM experts.

They can show you exactly how our BEAM integration works and how you could be saving hours on your employee Super management.