People are a company’s greatest asset. With the right employees, your organisation can continually innovate, adapt, and grow. But, how do you know your human resource management processes are capable of finding, keeping, and developing the best talent for your organisation?

Ongoing human resource management planning and strategic human resource management are critical to avoiding skill shortages and ensuring your people are engaged and productive. Use these steps to create a strategic HR plan for your company.

What Is human resource planning?

Human resource planning is the process of evaluating current HR capacity, forecasting future needs, and developing a plan to recruit, hire, train, and manage employees. Human resource planning doesn’t stop once you hire new talent. It’s a never-ending process of assessing needs and planning ahead so your company is never left shorthanded.

What’s a human resource management plan?

Strategic human resource planning for managing existing employees is a complex process. Every company will have unique needs. Not only that, those needs will change over time as your workforce evolves and your company requires different skill sets to remain competitive.

This is why it’s so important to get all levels of HR planning right. Master human resource planning processesand you’ll empower your teams to thrive, making your company far more competitive. Ongoing strategic planning can achieve better business performance, enhance innovation, and lead to a culture that’s well-aligned with company goals.


Key steps in human resource planning and management

  1. Look at company goals

The first step in the human resources planning process is to do a deep dive into company goals. What does your organisation hope to achieve over the next year? What about in the long-term? HR teams need a sound grasp of the direction the company should be going in and what needs to change to enable your workforce to move closer toward those goals.


  1. Assess the current state of HR

What skills do your current employees have? Where is there room for improvement within your existing staff and which employees are open to training and upskilling? This step is an important part of any strategic human resources plan, so make sure you’re updating employee information, talking to staff about expectations, and conducting performance reviews where necessary. This foundational information will help you gain more out of the next steps in the process.


  1. Consider external changes

The business landscape is always changing. Your market may become more competitive and regulations could force you to shift operational standards.

As we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, global events can have a massive impact on how your human resource department operates and plans for the future.


  1. Forecast future requirements

For this step, decide what new roles you’ll need filled and when. Prioritise different skills and positions. If you can develop your current employees, create a plan to get started with training, mentoring, or other initiatives.


  1. Choose the right tools you’ll need to manage employees

With the right software for human resource development planning and management, you can take your strategic plan to the next level. A cloud-based, end-to-end platform will make it easy to engage employees from anywhere and to track and manage employee information every step of the way.


  1. Start recruiting

Armed with a strategic HR plan and the right tools, you can start the recruitment and hiring process. Make sure recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and training is as seamless as possible. You can streamline it by using an online platform for most or all of your HR steps.


  1. Analyse and refine your process

The human resource planning process never ends. As you bring on new hires, review the strengths and weaknesses of your process. Look for areas to improve the experience for both existing employees and new ones. The more you can refine the process, the easier and faster it will be to ensure you always have the right people for your company.


Empower your company with software for human resource management

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