After our most successful Olympics it’s also exciting time to be a tech company in Australia.

The Tech Council of Australia is launching today. The goal? Make Australia the new Silicon Valley; to build “a prosperous Australia that thrives by harnessing the power of technology”.

It’ll bring together tech giants, start-up pioneers and a full spectrum of players in a bold move to shape Australia’s digital future.

With three stated roles – policy, research and engagement, the council wants to boost the growth of Australia’s tech sector. We’ve seen similar initiatives in the past, including the Chair in Digital Economy and various state government driven bodies, but never on a scale like this.

One in 16 Australians work in the tech industry, generating $167 billion annually.

The launch comes just over a week after one of Australia’s biggest tech deals – U.S. tech giant Square’s proposed $39bn acquisition of homegrown hero Afterpay.

The modern layby success story, Afterpay has paved the way for alternatives to BNPL offerings. Businesses and regulators alike are struggling to keep up with the explosion in these services that answer a very real need for the relief of widespread wage stress.

foundU is now one of the alternatives, offering help when you need it, without the worry of going into debt.

Our new Wageflo feature allows you to only access money you’ve already earned. It gives employees real time access to their entire earned wages (net), with no chance to default on a loan. We are simply different. No other provider in the market can do this.

Covid-19 continues to batter the economy, forcing businesses into snap lockdown. The traditional payroll cycle of waiting for payday doesn’t align with these unplanned disruptions.

It’s never been more important to look after employees. Allowing them access to their earned wages is a very real way to do that.