“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

It’d be safe to say not many of us at foundU would be familiar with English novelist Margaret Drabble’s words quoted above.

But we love her spirit.

That’s what we’re channelling for our teams and customers as we launch a new support process to help employers.

Our Custom Fields Feature (check out at the link below) is a resource that shows employers how they can leverage tools within the foundU suite to monitor their employee’s vaccination status.

It means you can set up questions that collect the required fields regarding vaccination — these fields are exportable, customisable and can be enabled as a part of the employee onboarding process.

The feature also can be customised according to different access levels and controls. It can be employee-led and input, to reduce the ever-growing burden on employers to enter in this critical information.

“How businesses deal with the ever-changing nature of COVID is becoming a key challenge of managing workforces, particularly large, casual ones,” says foundU Head of Product Matthew Wynn.

“It’s clear that flexible technology must be leveraged to be able to support not only business process and legislative change but importantly the health and safety of teams and communities.”

foundU prizes innovation and ingenuity, coming up with solutions and not simply reacting once a problem’s been found.

We do this across all our business units, from our Product and Development team quickly responding to the introduction of Jobkeeper, to our recent training masterclass webinar about communicating with employees. There’s also our partnership with Source Legal to provide COVID-specific resources, guidance and direction to employers in a time of high stress.

Looking for more great tips for your Covid vaccine process?

·      Check out our checklists guide for setting up a checklist so your admins can complete checks for vaccines as part of their process.

·      Or go to our communicating with employees guide for more communication options such as sending a customised email to your staff to update their information.

Of course, monitoring vaccination status isn’t the only thing we need to do to protect our workforces.

Employers can also utilise the ‘quick links’ feature available for the employee app, that allows employers to highlight key resources for their employees. This is used for updated policies, the latest Government advice, or simply the COVID vaccination registration to help encourage engagement.

Our partnership with GO1 learning management also enables you to access a library of COVID-safe policies when required for completion by your onsite teams.

And as always, we’re here if you have any more questions.

To see how our Customs Fields feature works, click here.