Automatic Award Interpretation

70% faster payroll

Automatic Award Interpretation

70% faster payroll

Everything you need to pay and manage your staff

Employee App

Staff can check rosters, recieve shift information and book leave through the dedicated employee app.

Informative Roster

The foundU Roster comes with in-built communication tools so staff never miss a task. 


If a certificate or qualification is expiring, the foundU Platform will automatically remind staff.

Upload through App

Employees don't need to email or print documents. Everything can be uploaded through the app.

Easy Finish

Staff can mark themselves as finishing a shift in one click and have the information sent straight to payroll.

Smart Comms

You can message staff by any criteria you like; location, skills, experience or even client type.

Payroll is fun again! The customer service at foundU is fantastic. The features are always improving and the communication from the foundU team is amazing.

Rita Castorina– Head of Accounts, Health Hub Doctors

Ever since changing our payroll and rostering platform to foundU, all processes have been simplified to an efficient system that is easy to use with a great interface

Suzy Sawdon-McDonald – Practice Manager, Brain Treatment Centre

It’s been so good. I love doing payroll through foundU. It’s all there and you do not have to switch between systems, push data through to another system to pay etc I really love it for that.

Emily McMurray, Thor Demolition

Why the foundU Payroll is perfect for you

Super fast, cloud based payroll 

The foundU payroll module is designed to be fast and automated – on average, foundU customers see a 70% reduction in their payroll processing time.

Enjoy automated payslip generation and award interpretation while paying across multiple sites. Report with confidence with a full reporting suite and 50 different data points. 

Automatic award interpretation

No one wants to make a mistake when interpreting awards. When implementing the foundU Platform, we work with you to find the right awards for your staff and run multiple test pay runs. 

Once you make a payment with the foundU Platform, you can rest assured the payment is compliant, under the right award and will be updated when the award changes.

Flexible payroll for flexible workforces

With awards and allowances constantly changing, increasingly flexible workforces and the need for comprehensive reporting, the foundU Platform has you covered.

You can make changes on the fly (that update in real time), make payments anytime you choose, add new positions, pay only one location and even pay just one person.


Learn more about what the foundU Platform can do for your business.

Your Top 5 Questions Answered

How much does foundU cost?

We operate an active pricing model. That means (unlike some of our competitors) you are only charged for those employees that work (not total users in the system).

If you had 100 staff on your books, but only 50 worked that week, you would only be charged for the 50 that worked.

No catches, no hidden fees and implementation is completely free.

Can I use it for a multi-site business?

You can use foundU for as many sites as you like. There is no charge to add a new site to the platform and you can do it yourself with a couple of clicks.

You can even create different pay rules and rosters according to location.

Is it truly end-to-end?

Many workforce systems promise end-to-end functionality, but often don’t include payment or recruitment functions.

With foundU, you can recruit staff (with our free ATS) all the way to payment and reporting without leaving the platform.

How easy is it to use?

It’s so easy to use, we often have customers who let their teenage staff create rosters and approve shifts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have payroll managers who have being using Excel for 30 years loving foundU after just one pay run.

What industry is foundU suitable for?

Any industry! If you pay 20 or more staff a week, you’re our perfect client.

“Doing payroll with foundU us a total game changer!”

Sally Butcher, Payroll Manager, Blue Tongue Group

“The team at foundU are so easy to work with and I cannot recommend the product enough”

Bec, Clarity Management

“It’s an all in one, modular system that covers everything”

Eloise Altavilla, Webstercare

Free Implementation 

Good to go. Your platform is now up and running, your payroll is compliant, you’re creating rosters and onboarding new staff. Welcome to foundU!


See the platform in action with a customised demo at a time of your choosing.