Automated Record Generation

Employee Self Serve

Automated Record Generation

Employee Self Serve


Automatic HR File

Every change you to make to an employee profile is automatically recorded and filed.

Flow Through Changes

Changes made to an employee profile will sync to the entire system. Change it once – it changes everywhere.

Automatic Reminders

No need to chase staff when licenses or qualifications are due to expire. The foundU Platform will do it for you.

Free Contract Library

Choose from our contract library (or add your own) and have them signed and acknowledged online. 

Free VEVO Check

With have a direct integration with the Department of Home Affairs.

Attendance Logs

See employees attendance history across multiple locations.

‘It’s an all in one, modular system that covers everything’

Eloise Altavilla, Webstercare

‘The amount of streamlined processes and the ability to report on something which previously may not have been able to do is huge. It’s not just timesaving. It’s everything in one place and records digitized. Excellent.’

Chris Sier, Veneto Club

‘On a HR side for me personally, document control is probably the best part of the platform’

Emma Walker, Kilmore Racing Club

Why foundU HR is perfect for you

No more boring stuff 

If you love building company culture and improving your team, but hate the boring stuff like collating documents and updating employee details, then the foundU Platform is for you.

Every employee action and document is automatically added to a HR file that you can access anywhere.

See leave requests, track time and attendance, notify staff or update policy and have it acknowledged company wide, the foundU system makes your boring tasks easy.

Full attendance and leave history 

See exactly where you staff have worked, their attendance times, leave history and future availability. For labour hire customers, you can even see attendance logs by client and job. Staff can also set standard and custom availability which is reflected when creating rosters.

Auto-update and employee acknowledge

If you make a change to your employee handbook, policy or procedure, the documents stored on each employee’s profile also change.

Employees are sent a notification asking for the changes to be acknowledged. For those that don’t acknowledge, an automatic reminder system will message them every few days – no more follow up work for you. 

‘It’s an all in one, modular system that covers everything’ 

Eloise Altavilla – Webstercare


Learn more about what the foundU Platform can do for your business.

Your Top 5 Questions Answered

How much does foundU cost?

We operate an active pricing model. That means (unlike some of our competitors) you are only charged for those employees that work (not total users in the system).

If you had 100 staff on your books, but only 50 worked that week, you would only be charged for the 50 that worked.

No catches, no hidden fees and implementation is completely free.

Can I use it for a multi-site business?

You can use foundU for as many sites as you like. There is no charge to add a new site to the platform and you can do it yourself with a couple of clicks.

You can even create different pay rules and rosters according to location.

Is it truly end-to-end?

Many workforce systems promise end-to-end functionality, but often don’t include payment or recruitment functions.

With foundU, you can recruit staff (with our free ATS) all the way to payment and reporting without leaving the platform.

How easy is it to use?

It’s so easy to use, we often have customers who let their teenage staff create rosters and approve shifts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have payroll managers who have being using Excel for 30 years loving foundU after just one pay run.

What industry is foundU suitable for?

Any industry! If you pay 20 or more staff a week, you’re our perfect client.

More than Rostering

foundU is more than rostering software. We are Australia’s most advanced and true end-to-end platform that covers:

Fully Customisable On-boarding for any Industry

Regardless of industry, our customisable five step process allows you to on-board new staff in as little as 10 minutes.

Find staff with our free ATS, segment on-boarding journeys for multiple positions and even pause on-boarding to conduct interviews, the foundU on-boarding process is used by 100s of Australian businesses like yours.

70% Faster Payroll

On average, new customers who use foundU save 70% on their payroll processing time.

With automated award interpretation, every pay run you make will be compliant.

Add in a host of smart payment and reporting functions, payroll is now a tick and flick exercise.

Fully Costed Rosters

No one likes surprise expenses. With the foundU rostering module, you have complete oversight and control of your wage bill.

The roster updates in real time to show your expected wage bill for the week and you can set hard and soft wage budgets when creating rosters.

No more surprises come payday.

What we love the most is that the software puts a lot of responsibility on the staff to make sure their information is up-to-date

Jon & Donna Morse, Franchise Partner

We’re going to try to move all our clients over to foundU, it’s just so much easier.

Jane, Clarity Management

We are a month down the track now and overall things are going well and I am kicking myself we stayed with FastTrack for so long!

William Rule, Zenith Hospitality

Free Implementation 

Good to go. Your platform is now up and running, your payroll is compliant, you’re creating rosters and onboarding new staff. Welcome to foundU!


See the platform in action with a customised demo at a time of your choosing.