Completely free until March 2021

foundU – The best platform for labour hire businesses to manage their staff.

Completely free until March 2021

foundU – The best platform for labour hire businesses to manage their staff.

Easy Workforce Management for Labour Hire Firms 

Award Interpetation and Automatic Invoice Creation

No matter what Award, client or location your staff work under, foundU will automatically calculate pay rates and generate a matching invoice.

You can take that invoice and in one click, send to clients or export to your accounting software.

There are no limits. If you have 100 staff working for a client or just one, the foundU Platform will handle it. If your staff work between clients and locations, we’ve got you covered.

foundU is made for labour hire.

Work Wherever You Want With foundU.

The system is entirely cloud-based and can be used from any internet connected device. Your admin and consultant team don’t need to be in the office to get the job done.

Working from home, on the road or behind a closed border, it doesn’t matter when using foundU.

The same goes for your labourers – onboarding, checking rosters, submitting timesheets and updating details can be done completely remote – no need for office visits or document collection.

Onboard Staff in 10 Minutes 

Onboard new staff in as little as 10 minutes with foundU’s completely paperless onboarding. 

New starters go through a simple, five step process that captures all the important documents, employee details and questionnaires.

New team members can onboard via any mobile device and even onboard and work a shift on the same day. 

Perfect for labour hire. 

Get foundU for free by booking a demo with our Head of Sales, Rowena.  

 In the demo you will find out:

  • How truly end-to-end foundU is
  • How we can interpret any Award or EBA correctly 
  • How we can calculate any allowances or unique pay rules to your business  
  • How we cut payroll processing by an average of 70% 
  • More about our free migration and implementation process 
  • How we use an active pricing model that only charges you when employees actually work 

Pick a time of your choosing and ask anything you like. 

“We are a month down the track now and overall things are going great and I am kicking myself we stayed with FastTrack for so long!” 

William Rule, Zenith Hospitality









“It’s been so good. I love doing payroll through foundU. It’s all there and you do not have to switch between systems, push data through to another system to pay etc I really love it for that.”

Emily McMurray
Thor Demolition

“I can’t believe payroll is this easy … payroll is much easier than in FastTrack”

Payroll Manager
Elite Staffing

“It’s so quick and easy. We love the foundU system and we are happy to sing about it to anybody and anyone. I love foundU!”

Steph Taylor
Omni Recruit

Free Implementation and No Fees until March 2020 for Labour Hire Operators 


Payroll Configuration

After your scope call, will configure your platform with the correct awards, payment rules and any other payroll configurations unique to your business and employees.


Employee Onboarding

Send us an Excel document or invite all your employees to on-board themselves to the platform.


Become a Platform Master

You will be introduced to the Customer Success team and your account manager. They will deliver a bespoke training package and give you and your colleagues all the skills to become platform masters.


Parallel Pay Run

To make sure everything is 100%, we run a parallel pay run in conjunction with your old software to find any errors or missing data.

Good to go. Your platform is now up and running, your payroll is compliant, you’re creating rosters and onboarding new staff. Welcome to foundU!

“With offices across Australia. We can easily manage our workforce from the one location. Payroll has been simplified. foundU has allowed Omni Recruit the opportunity to grow.”

Ops Manager
Omni Recruitment

“It saves us time because it is just so user-friendly. We get our contractors to upload their timesheets and all we’ve got to do is approve them. We’ve started the foundU Platform for our permanent staff because we really like the format.”

Managing Director
Patch Personnel

“Employees can submit their shifts and view all upcoming shifts, all at the tip of their fingers with the employee app. Time to process payroll has decreased significantly”

Adminstration Team

How Pandanus Group cut their payroll processing time from two days to two hours 

Peter Remfrey is the Executive Director of Pandanus Group, Australia’s leading Indigenous engagement and labour hire firm. Peter has been in the labour hire industry for over 15 years and has been working with foundU across multiple organisations, before implementing the platform in his business.

Peter has seen it all; from faxed timesheets, to Excel spreadsheets and days long payroll runs. He knew there had a to be a better way and uses foundU to cut costs, reduce time and win more business.


A Platform Tailored to Labour Hire Staff

Employee App

Staff can check rosters, recieve shift information and book leave through the dedicated employee app.

Informative Roster

The foundU Roster comes with in-built communication tools so staff never miss a task. 


If a certificate or qualification is expiring, the foundU Platform will automatically remind staff.

Upload through App

Employees don’t need to email or print documents. Everything can be uploaded through the app.

Easy Finish

Staff can mark themselves as finishing a shift in one click and have the information sent straight to payroll.

Smart Comms

You can message staff by any criteria you like; location, skills, experience or even client type.

Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Are you really charging nothing until March 2021?

We sure are! If you’re a labour hire business, foundU is completely free until March 2021.

After March, we will charge you using our active pricing model. That means (unlike some of our competitors) you are only charged for those employees that work (not total users in the system).

If you had 100 staff on your books, but only 50 worked that week, you would only be charged for the 50 that worked.

No catches and hidden fees with unlimited support. 

Can I use it for a multi-site business?

You can use foundU for as many sites as you like. There is no charge to add a new site to the platform and you can do it yourself with a couple of clicks.

You can even create different pay rules and rosters according to location and client.

Is it truly end-to-end?

Many workforce systems promise end-to-end functionality, but often don’t include payment or recruitment functions.

With foundU, you can recruit staff (with our free ATS) all the way to payment and reporting without leaving the platform.

Do you have experience working with labour hire?

We sure do. foundU started as a labour business and built the software from the ground up for casual labour businesses. 

How easy is it to use?

It’s so easy to use, we often have customers who let their teenage staff create rosters and approve shifts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have payroll managers who have being using Excel for 30 years loving foundU after just one pay run.

“Doing payroll with foundU us a total game changer!”

Sally Butcher, Payroll Manager
Blue Tongue Group

“The team at foundU are so easy to work with and I cannot recommend the product enough”

Clarity Management

The greatest asset at foundU is the support staff, they are absolutely fantastic and the service is always prompt

Acorn Recruit