Automated Rostering

With full costings

Automated Rostering

With full costings



In an industry with short notice shifts? Not a problem, change your roster in real time.


Rosters generate in seconds and update in real time. No saving required.


Tell individual staff or everyone working that week exactly what’s going on.


At anytime, you can see exactly how much you are spending in staff wages, projected hours and shortfall/overtime. 

Employee Access

Employees let you know when they’re available and what shifts they can or can’t work at the click of a button.  

Instant Shift Approval

The moment you approve a rostered shift, a payslip is generated (or updated) and your payroll is ready for processing.

‘ The user interface, the drag, the copy, the multi delete, all that kind of stuff and how quickly it refreshes – it’s leaps and bounds in front of what we were using’

Chris Sier, Veneto Club

Ever since changing our payroll and rostering platform to foundU, all processes have been simplified to an efficient system that is easy to use with a great interface

Suzy Sawdon-McDonald – Practice Manager, Brain Treatment Centre

Thanks for the efforts on the new roster. It’s such a fantastic upgrade. And so fast too! Makes rostering so much more user-friendly. Huge thanks – we appreciate it.


Why the foundU Roster is perfect for you

Forecast your wage bill with confidence

The foundU Roster Cost tool updates in real time to show exactly how much you are spending on wages, penalty rates and overtime.

You can set budget limits, see costs by hour, location and position and use the data for accurate wage forecasting.

You can adjust the roster at anytime and the system will instantly update to show your new costs.

Easily cover last minute changes

Need to fill a shift at the last minute or change an employee’s position? Do it with ease using the foundU Roster. Changes can be made in real time and will update instantly.

If you have staff members changing positions to cover at late notice, the foundU Roster will automatically update their pay rate and Award they’re working under. Changes are instantly reflected in their payslip and your payroll. 

Never let, ‘I wasn’t told’ be an excuse.

With the foundU Roster, you can leave instructions for staff working that week, that day or even a particular shift. You can remind them about certain procedure i.e COVID-19 or who to report to.

Information is clearly displayed and can be easily accessed via the employee app. Not knowing is no longer an excuse with the foundU Roster.

"The user interface, the drag, the copy, the multi delete, all that kind of stuff and how quickly it refreshes - it’s leaps and bounds in front of what we were using"

Chris Sier - Commercial Operations Manager, Veneto Club


Learn more about what the foundU Platform can do for your business.

Your Top 5 Questions Answered

How much does foundU cost?

We operate an active pricing model. That means (unlike some of our competitors) you are only charged for those employees that work (not total users in the system).

If you had 100 staff on your books, but only 50 worked that week, you would only be charged for the 50 that worked.

No catches, no hidden fees and implementation is completely free.

Can I use it for a multi-site business?

You can use foundU for as many sites as you like. There is no charge to add a new site to the platform and you can do it yourself with a couple of clicks.

You can even create different pay rules and rosters according to location.

Is it truly end-to-end?

Many workforce systems promise end-to-end functionality, but often don’t include payment or recruitment functions.

With foundU, you can recruit staff (with our free ATS) all the way to payment and reporting without leaving the platform.

How easy is it to use?

It’s so easy to use, we often have customers who let their teenage staff create rosters and approve shifts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have payroll managers who have being using Excel for 30 years loving foundU after just one pay run.

What industry is foundU suitable for?

Any industry! If you pay 20 staff or more a week, you’re our perfect client.

More than Rostering

foundU is more than rostering software. We are Australia’s most advanced and true end-to-end platform that covers:

Fully Customisable On-boarding for any Industry

Regardless of industry, our customisable five step process allows you to on-board new staff in as little as 10 minutes.

Find staff with our free ATS, segment on-boarding journeys for multiple positions and even pause on-boarding to conduct interviews, the foundU on-boarding process is used by 100s of Australian businesses like yours.

70% Faster Payroll

On average, new customers who use foundU save 70% on their payroll processing time.

With automated award interpretation, every pay run you make will be compliant.

Add in a host of smart payment and reporting functions, payroll is now a tick and flick exercise.

Automated HR & Employee Records

Spend more time building company culture and less time on the paperwork with foundU’s HR and Reporting module.

The system automatically collects the right documents during on-boarding, stores them all securely in the cloud and will even remind staff to update their licences and qualifications.

‘It’s ideal. With foundU, the Managers are able to roster efficiently within their own venues (which is a really good system).’’

Emma Walker, Kilmore Racing Club

It’s so quick and easy.  We love the foundU system and we are happy to sing about it to anybody and anyone.

I love foundU!

Steph Taylor, Omni Recruit

Do yourselves a favour guys and jump onboard.

AaronD’Arcy, Owner, The Mex

Free Implementation 

Good to go. Your platform is now up and running, your payroll is compliant, you’re creating rosters and onboarding new staff. Welcome to foundU!


See the platform in action with a customised demo at a time of your choosing.