The businesses that got us here

Coolangatta Surf Club

Step off the golden beaches and into the Coolangatta Surf Club to see the foundU Platform in action. The Rosters and Time & Attendance functionality is saving the team time and alleviating the stress associated with payroll.

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“Onboarding, rostering, time keeping and payroll – in one easy-to-use system.”

Brouhaha Brewery

The foundU Platform has made a real difference to the way Brouhaha manages their workforce, and lets them get back to the important business of making one of Queensland’s best brews.

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“With offices across Australia. We can easily manage our workforce from the one location. Payroll has been simplified. foundU has allowed Omni Recruit the opportunity to grow.”

Meat Processors

“The foundU platform has helped streamline internal processes to become more efficient with our employee time and attendance and costing. We are also very satisfied with the service the foundU team provides.”


With locations across Australia the foundU Platform is helping the team at Thrifty manage their people and payroll.

Mildura Grand

“Loving the foundU platform, we can’t believe it took us so long to make the change.”


The submit shifts feature has allowed CBM Air employees the flexibility to submit their shifts daily and has helped the accounts team with advance costing across different jobs.

Silk Laundry

“Rostering, award interpretation and payroll is simplified with foundU.”

ProQuest Recruitment

“The award interpretation and compliance tools that the foundU platform offers is critical for the success of our business.”

Patch Personnel

“It saves us time because it is just so user-friendly. We get our contractors to upload their timesheets and all we’ve got to do is approve them. We’ve started the foundU Platform for our permanent staff because we really like the format.”

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“From one cloud based system to another! foundU makes managing our staff so simple.”


Manpower is a global leader in contingent workforce solutions. The foundU Platform allows them to roster candidates across Australia and to capture time and attendance seamlessly.


“Rostering employees is as simple as two clicks using the copy roster tool.”

Mrs Browns

“The foundU platform is a perfect fit for the hospitality industry and saves us so much time.”


“Managing employees from multiple different rural sites from head office has been simplified since moving onto foundU.”


foundU has multiple different options when it comes to recording employee’s time and attendance. This is important to Alpha as they have employees working across Australia in many different roles.

IRSO Recruitment

“IRSO Recruitment is a fast growing recruitment business which relies upon a reliable and efficient resourcing and payroll partner. We have found this in foundU, and being the first user, we have been involved in the development from day 1 and the fact we have been able to customise our platform has greatly assisted in our fast growth.”


“Employees can submit their shifts and view all upcoming shifts, all at the tip of their fingers with the employee app. Time to process payroll has decreased significantly.”


“Paying salaried employees with foundU is automated and so easy.”


HealthX is a specialist nursing agency offering short term and long term placements. The foundU Platform automates pay calculations based on complex award and agreement rules. They also use the Platform to invoice clients.


foundU is used in all Hallmark bars and pubs across QLD and helps capture their employees time and attendance for a seamless payroll process.

Hello Gorgeous

foundU allows Brisbane bar Hello Gorgeous to accurately track their employee attendance using the clock app – leaving no room for human error.


“Rostering is a breeze using foundU. Being able to cost out rosters across different departments enables accurate reporting across our multiple locations using foundU.”

Super Butcher

“We love the look of the platform, so easy to use!”

Mos Burger

“Ability to oversee multi venues all on the one platform. Employees can easily clock in and out for their shifts. foundU allows us to maintain a high level of compliance.”

City Venue Managment

“As a large business, foundU can provide us with oversight over all our sites in South East Queensland. foundU assists the managers at all sites to recruitment and roster efficiently.”

Lewis Land Group

“foundU is a great platform for a large payroll across multiple venues!”


“foundU helps manage the employee’s leave making the payroll process so much quicker.”

Blue Tongue

“End to end user experience. We can have all new starters complete the onboarding process and be rostered within minutes. Allowing for a seamless payroll.”


“foundU has allowed for a more streamlined workforce management. The end to end nature of the platform allows us great oversight of the entire business. “

TLH Group

As TLH continues to grow in size, Labour hire management has been made easier for the last 3 years using FoundU, as it easily creates our invoices from payroll data without the need for manual entry.

Bistro C

“foundU makes rostering and managing employees so much easier.”

Ferguson Plarre

“The foundU Platform has simplified our processes and they continue to work with us to improve the experience. I can honestly say this is one company that does what it says / promises it will do.”

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“We have been managing our staff for years with foundU. The level of customer service from foundU is exceptional. Anytime we have a question, it is swiftly actioned.”

Night Owl

Implementing foundU allows Night Owl to have all their stores across Australia on the one platform, giving great oversight and consistency within their business.

Port Office Hotel

“Our employees are doing all their own onboarding (RSA’s included) so it helps to have one place to go for all of that. So if they’re looking for what they’re earning or how many holiday days they’ve got, it’s all there for them. It’s been really helpful on both sides.”

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Betta People

“We have been using the foundU platform since its inception. It was a great platform then and is constantly evolving and improving.”

Allied Aged Care

“foundU has saved us so much time and money – and we are thrilled (and relieved) to have a streamlined system that makes our recruitment process, rostering and payroll so simple and stress-free.”

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Edge Personnel

“foundU really is an end- to-end platform like no other.”

Rain Harvesting

“We do payroll in-house because it’s such a simple process that only takes us an hour every fortnight. The foundU platform has been great for us, having everything all in the one place, all recorded in the one spot and accessible from anywhere, anytime.”

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“Payroll is so quick – it takes less than 15mins. What we love the most – is that the software put a lot of responsibility on the staff to make sure their information up to date.”

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Global Food & Wine

“Since using foundU, payroll efficiency is very evident. Not only has the time taken to process payroll reduced but also the number of payroll errors has reduced dramatically.”

Champ Resources

“Since using the foundU Platform, our business has increased 3 fold and our payroll processing time has reduced from 3 days down to 24 hours.”

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Depot Cafe

“We are amazed by how much the foundU platform has to offer, it does everything you need when it comes to managing employees.”

Cessnock Leagues Club

“Managing employee shifts daily using the approve shifts functionality makes payroll day checks quick and easy before processing at the touch of a button.”


“The employee app and its ability to geo-locate the employee has enabled us to be more thorough with shift times and reduces manual edits when it comes to payroll.”

Carboni’s Italian Kitchen

“We are over the moon about foundU and love that it doesn’t everything an end to end platform promises.”

FBIS International Group

“Having a system that interprets the award based on the employees approved shifts saves so much time and eliminates manual data entry.”



Broncos Leagues Club


Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria