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People Operations Platform Training

Welcome to your dedicated CVM People Operations Platform. Use the resources here to complete your weekly manager tasks including rostering and approving shifts.

Weekly Manager Tasks

To save you time and make sure everything is ready and accurate for payroll each week, follow these weekly tasks:

1. Build roster for the week.
2. Update roster daily to reflect changes (this will save time approving shifts).
3. At the end of the day or each morning approve/edit/decline/add shifts.
4. Any day or at the end of the week after approving all shifts, view the Roster Summary report to check the shifts times are correctly recorded.
5. Approve leave applications.


Managers can follow these weekly steps to roster staff, approve time and attendance ready for payroll.

Manage RosterĀ 2:26

Learn how to build your roster and fill shifts.

Approve Shifts 2:14

Approve shifts daily ready for payroll.

Step-by-step Guides

Download and print step by step instructions.


Attend a live webinar to see the platform in action and ask questions.

Rosters, Time & Attendance Webinar


New to with foundU? Learn how to run your weekly manager tasks including:

* Building your roster & sharing with employees
* Approving and editing shifts
* Clock log
* Roster summary report
* Approving leave applications

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