Do payroll the foundU way

Traditional Payroll

Payroll cannot begin until time and attendance information is gathered.
Gather data, interpret hours, manually enter payroll data all within a small window of time.
Rework required to amend errors from unprocessed or misinterpreted data
Problem 1:
Payroll processes can not commence until the entire pay period is completed.
Problem 3:
As the deadline to pay employees approaches, payroll must process wages without sufficient time.

foundU Payroll

Time and Attendance data accessed and approved in real time
Continuous payroll calculations increases tiem spent validating data
Payroll processed with minimal errors
Solution 1:
foundU’s Employee App and/or the foundU Clock, captures time worked as employees start and finish.
Solution 3:
Payroll teams constantly validate and verify the accuracy of payroll data throughout the entire pay period.