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Custom Onboarding

Speed up your entire onboarding process with foundU’s self-serve onboarding. You can start and stop onboarding at any time, create custom onboarding journeys based on position and test competencies all in the one module.

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Train & Upskill

Design and deliver your training or take advantage of over 60,000 online courses with Australia largest learning management system, GO1. 

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Roster & Manage

Create rosters in minutes, not hours with full roster costings. See how much you’re spending by the hour, day, position and roster and get full oversight of your wage bill.

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Time & Attendance

Keep track of your entire workforce with the foundU Time & Attendance app. More than just a simple clock-in/clock-out, the app gives you oversight of who is working and where in real time with geo-location capability.

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Award Interpretation

Pay with confidence as the foundU Award Interpretation Engine automatically calculates all Award rules, allowances and custom pay conditions. Nothing in Australia is this sophisticated, helpful or automated.

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Fast Payroll

Enjoy super-fast payroll powered by the smartest Award engine in Australia. foundU payroll is entirely integrated and automatically calculates pay from approved hours – no manual work, no interpreting Awards and no calculating allowances.

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"It’s really hard to put it into one little sentence, but the advantages of foundU are profound, especially if you are currently using multiple platforms and especially ones that don’t talk to each other"

Chris Sier - Commercial Operations Manager, Veneto Club


Chris Sier - Commercial Operations Manager, Veneto Club

"It’s really hard to put it into one little sentence, but the advantages of foundU are profound, especially if you are currently using multiple platforms and especially ones that don’t talk to each other"

Emma reguarly moves staff between positions and locations – foundU handles the rest.


What is the best payroll software for small businesses?

The easiest and most automated payroll software for small business is foundU. No other payroll automatically interprets Awards and calculates allowances like foundU. 

What is single touch payroll?

Single touch payroll streamlines your reporting of tax and superannuation details to the Australian Government. Every time you pay your staff with foundU, wage, tax withheld and super information is automatically prepared and ready for sending to the ATO upon your approval. See how it works here. 

How do you setup a roster?

Staffing levels will dictate what kind of roster set-up you need. When you’re just starting out, most businesses get by with a simple Excel roster and manual reminders. As you grow, you will want to switch to a more advanced system that has drag and drop functionality, wage costing and automatic reminders. To see how the foundU roster does this and more, click here. 

How do you automate HR processes?

Automating your HR processes requires two key steps. The first is collecting data electronically through staff onboarding and self-managed profiles. The second is storing and displaying that data automatically. The best way to do this is with an integrated system – while you can have separate systems, an all-in-one system will future proof your business. Find out how foundU makes HR easy here. 

How can I store all my employee records?

The best way to store your employee records is digitally on a cloud-based system for security, scalability and ease-of-access. See how foundU manages employee records here. 

Can I automatically pay superannuation with foundU?

Pay Super in just one click with our brand-new Beam integration. The new integration automatically calculates Super amounts based on shift info and Award worked under. Once ready, you receive a notification, double-check and press pay. To see how the integration works, click here. 

How does automatic Award Interpretation work?

Our customisable award builder, allows you to create specific rules and conditions to fully automate the interpretation of any scenario or shift straight into a payslip for any Australian Award or Agreement. 

Every time an employee works a shift, the system automatically compares to the Award and rules and generates the correct pay and pay slip in real time. All you do, is double check and click pay. 

How long does it take to implement the foundU platform?

If all documents are provided and your staff work under a relatively simple Award/pay rules, we can implement your business in as little as four weeks.


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