Maxima People Operations Platform Training

Welcome to your dedicated Maxima People Operations Platform. Use the resources here to manage your HR and payroll from start to finish.

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Operations Weekly Workflow Videos

Managers can follow these weekly steps to roster staff, approve time and attendance all ready for payroll.

Login 0:30

Login or reset password for your Operations Portal.

Manage RosterĀ 3:10

Learn how to build your roster and fill shifts.

Approve Shifts 0:50

Approve shifts daily ready for payroll.

Timesheets 1:26

Approve timesheets weekly before payroll.

Payroll Processing

Bookkeepers can follow these steps each week to process payroll based on logged time and attendance, and pre-interpreted awards and agreements.

Payroll Process Overview 2:30

Watch a short overview of the payroll workflow.

Payroll Processing Guide (PDF)

Step by step instructions for processing payroll.


Attend a live webinar to see the platform in action and ask questions.

Payroll Processing Webinar – 20mins

New to payroll with foundU? Learn how to run your first payroll including:

* Checking timesheets
* Conducting payroll tests
* Making adjustments (adding reimbursements, allowances, deductions)
* Process payroll & generate payslips
* Generating and downloading ABA files

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Operations Workflow Webinar – 20mins

New to with foundU? Learn how to run your weekly manager tasks including:

* Building your roster & sharing with employees
* Approving and editing shifts
* Approving and editing timesheets
* How payroll fits in
* Adding new employees

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