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People Operations Platform Training

Welcome to your dedicated Food Industry People – People Operations Platform. Use the resources here to complete your weekly manager tasks including rostering and approving shifts.

Training Topics

1. Recruitment & Onboarding
2. Rosters, Time & Attendance
3. Employee & Client Management
4. Payroll Processing & Awards & Agreements
5. Reporting



To login go to: meatprocessors.foundu.com.au/admin

Clients & Employees login via:  meatprocessors.foundu.com.au/

Enter your email address and password provided.
Click ‘Forgot Password’ to reset if needed.
Once logged in you can click Profile at the top left to switch between your operation and employee portals.

Platform Workflow:

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There are 3 access portals for the platform:

Admin Portal
Head Office entire platform access. Users of this may have restricted views.

Operations Portal
Client access. Ability to view rosters, approve leave, view invoices, clock log.

Employee Portal
Employee access. Ability to view roster, get payslips, apply for leave, update details. Onboarding questions are also carried out through here.

Recruitment: JobHub

Step by step guide on JobHub, the applicant tracking system for recruiters.

JobHub Guide

BroadBean Guides:

Last updated: 1/6/18

Applicant Screening

Screen applicants transferred into foundU from JobHub, including completing online interview forms.

  • View pending applicants
  • View screening questions
  • Add interview questionnaires
  • Add records and comments
  • Run Visa check
  • Decline unsuccessful candidates

Last updated: 15/5/19

Screening Guide

Employee Onboarding

Setting office codes, positions etc + completing financial details, medicals etc.

  • Approve successful candidates to work
  • Apply office code & manager
  • Set up employment type, positions, rates & locations
  • Employee onboarding: adding bank, super & TF details
  • Applying medical deductions
  • Sending online employee contracts

Last updated: 15/5/19

Onboarding Guide

Rosters, Time & Attendance

Rosters Guide

Step by step instructions on how to build rosters and shifts, publish shifts and print.

Last updated: 15/5/19

Roster Guide

Approving Shifts Guide

Approve Shifts can be used on it’s on in the Admin portal, or can be used in conjuntion with Clock and/or Work App. All data from Clock and Work is synced with Approve Shifts.

Last updated: 15/5/19

Approve Shifts Guide

Leave Set Up & Process

Step by step instructions on how to set up leave entitlements, and managing the leave application process.

Last updated: 1/6/18

Leave Process Guide

Clock App

The Clock App can be used instead of the Work App to allow employees to clock in and out each day. Hours worked can then be approved daily via Approve Shifts.

Clock App Installation & Set Up 

Setting up the clock app on your iPad.

Last updated: 1/6/18

Clock App Setup Guide

Clocking In & Out 

How employees clock in and out.

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Work App

WorkApp is a walk around app which can be used by supervisors to manage employee attendance on an ipad. Each time a shift is approved, it feeds into a timesheet ready at the end of the week for payroll.

Work App Installation & Set Up

How to set up the Work App on your  iPad & create supervisor logins.

Last updated: 15/6/18

Work App Set Up Guide

Managing Attendance with Work App

Managing staff attendance using the walk around Work App.

Last updated: 18/6/18

Work App Guide

Employee & Client Management

Employee Portal 

Step by step instructions on how the employee portal can be self managed by employees.

Last Updated: 15/5/19

Employee Portal Guide

Employee Management

Once an employee is onboarded you can record files, comments, add documents and track work history.

Last updated: 19/6/18

Employee Management Guide

New Operation: Client Set Up

How to set up a new operation and apply ratesbooks.

Last updated: 15/5/19

New Client Setup Guide

Operation: Client Management

How to add notes and records against clients for reporting purposes.

Last updated: 20/6/18

Client Management Guide

Payroll Processing, Awards & Agreements

Payroll Processing

Step by step instructions on invoicing, checking and adjusting employee paycycles, processing payslips and ABA files.

Last updated: 1/6/18

Payroll Processing Guide


General guide on managing awards and agreements.

Last updated: 15/5/19

Invoicing Guide

Awards & Agreements

General guide on managing awards and agreements.

Last updated: 1/6/18

Awards Guide

Managing Pay Rate Increases

  • Bulk apply pay rate increases
  • Bulk update rates books

Last updated: 5/7/18

Pay Rate Increase StepsRates Book Updates Steps

Managing Public Holidays

Public Holidays are applied to paycycles according to the set up in your platform. Default holidays are added for National & State holidays, other specific holidays will need to be manually added.

Last updated 28/9/18

Manage Public HolidaysApproving Shifts on Public Holidays

Workforce Reports

Roster Summary Report

View rostered hours vs timesheet (approved hours).

Last updated: 15/5/19

Roster Summary Report

Candidate Summary Download

Download candidate onboarding information for review before approval.

Last updated: 28/8/18

Candidate Summary Report

Job Active Candidates Report

Report on all new starters from any date including Job Active Numbers.

Last updated: 3/7/18

Download intstructions

Teys Candidate to be Approved Report

Download PDF of candidate summary to be approved.

Last updated: 2/7/18

Download intstructions

Payroll Finishers Report

Export a list of recently terminated employees.

Last updated: 22/6/18

Download intstructions

Visa Report 

Run visa checks and reports.

Download intstructions

KPI / Weekly Summary Report 

  • Interview reports
  • Medical reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Performance reports
  • Manager Activity reports
  • Approve Leave reports
  • People in Work reports

Last updated: 3/7/18

KPI Reports Guide

RWM Timesheet Sign Off Report 

Last updated: 10/7/18

Download instructions


People in Work Tracking

View reports on daily numbers of people working.

Last updated: 2/7/18

Download Instructions

Live Webinars

Weekly Webinars

Attend a webinar for new users or a refresher.

* Getting Started for Admin Users (Admin users)

* Employee Management (Recruiters Training)

* Rosters, Times & Attendance (Managers Training)

* Payroll Processing

Click the link below to register for a session and view upcoming dates.


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