The foundU Scholarship Program

How to apply

How it works

The foundU Scholarship program was created to promote new customers and gain feedback on how you use foundU. In return, we offer you a 10% discount on your platform fees for life.

1: You tell us how you use the foundU Platform  

We know your time is valuable. Once a fortnight to a quarter, a member of the foundU Team will be in contact to discuss how you are finding the platform. 

2: We create content from your feedback 

We take your feedback and turn it into engaging content that promotes your business like case studies and video.  

3. We promote the content and your business  

We distribute the content via our social channels, email and website. We direct  traffic to your website and support your business. 

Only five foundU Scholarships are available each month. There are currently 4 places left.  
Talk to the foundU sales team to reserve your place. 


Available Scholarships


Get 10% off for life

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How long does the scholarship program last for?

As long as you are a foundU Platform user.

Can I opt out of the scholarship?

For sure. If you do, you will no longer receive 10% off your platform fees for life and will not be able to return to the program.  

How much input in the content creation will I have?

You can have as much or as little input as you wish. We will ask for your feedback during the draft phase.  

Where is the content distributed?

Via our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), our email list and our website.  

What happens if I don’t give feedback?

You will no longer be part of the foundU Scholarship program and will lose your 10% discount.

How often will I have to give feedback?

During the implementation stage, feedback sessions will be more frequent. After that, approximately once a quarter 

What kind of feedback do I have to give?

Anything you feel comfortable providing. Feedback does not need to be positive, we want your honest opinion. 

Who will contact me?

Your customer success manager or a member of our marketing team.  

How long will a feedback session go for?

Short and sharp. 30 minutes is the average feedback session time.  

What’s the catch?

No catch. Provide feedback, get promoted and get 10% off for life.  

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