foundU User Agreement

  1. Base Platform candidates and employees (Users) are asked to provide accurate and as up-to- date as possible profiles to ensure the Base Platform Platform works effectively.


  1. Base Platform Users agree to engage in electronic communications with Base Platform. It is imperative that electronic communications are used and, they form valid legal communications between you and Base Platform.


  1. All Users will ensure that multiple Users or unauthorised users do not share or use a password or user name.


  1. Users must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of access to the Base Platform Platform and must not allow any third party to access or use the Base Platform Platform using that Users access rights. You agree to inform Base Platform immediately you become aware of any unauthorised use of Your Platforms.


  1. To avoid potential legal liability and support the Base Platform Platform’s integrity, Users should only make Platform-related communications through the Base Platform.


  1. Access of a User to the Base Platform Platform may be terminated if the User is believed to be breaching this User Agreement or creating issues, legal liabilities (actual or potential), engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities will have their access terminated.


  1. Base Platform may take any action deemed necessary with respect to content of the Base Platform Platform where we believe the content may create liability, jeopardise our business operations or reputation, or cause the loss of services


  1. Users agree not to upload content that will infringe copyright, violate Australian law, be obscene, provide incomplete or inaccurate information or upload any content that contains


  1. Users must not copy, sell or otherwise exploit the Base Platform Platform or its capabilities for commercial


  1. If you expressly consent, we may provide your employment and income details to a third party to whom you provide that consent for verification


  1. If you use or access a third-party product or application form (e.g. a superannuation fund) and apply to join via the Base Platform Platform, foundU may be paid a fee. Please contact foundU for details of any fees payable.


  1. By continuing to use the Base Platform Platform you are agreeing to this User Agreement.