foundU has developed a volunteer management platform for volunteering. foundU Volunteers is  completely free and will ensure volunteers & administrators are informed & protected at all times.

foundU specialises in providing an end-to-end recruiting/on-boarding / compliance / rostering / reporting / payroll platform to make businesses more efficient, compliant and easier to run. We want volunteer groups to also access certain features of this platform to make their lives easier.

Your platform gives all volunteers free access to their own mobile portal to receive communications & rosters in advance or inform any last-minute changes. This direct access provides a feeling of control for the volunteer and frees up time for the administrators to operate their club, event, initiative or service.

We like to keep it simple. Volunteers need to operate like a workforce so we provide administrators with free simple tools to always see who is available and see if they are up to date with necessary licenses and accreditation. Our intuitive software can also store incident reports, records and notify of any compliance issues.

Volunteers are vital.  Many of the foundU team are volunteers.  Our Managing Director, Matthew Horton, volunteers across his children’s sport and schools Matthew noticed the organisational  requirements being placed on the process was vast.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of so many facets of our life. They can sometimes be taken for granted. We all need them and we need to make their volunteer process easier.”  – Matthew Horton

The free foundU Volunteer platform does this in a very simple, user friendly way. Storage of reports & records, keeping rosters up to date will help both administrators and volunteers. It’s as easy as keeping simple processes like rosters for the club BBQ, beach patrol or excursion supervision up-to-date & communicated in real time. Should there be volunteers that don’t show up (and there always are) then a foundU Volunteers Platform can replace them quickly.

“This offering is part of our culture,” said Horton.

“We have developed a brilliant commercial product and wherever it can be applied to assist Australian volunteers it should be.”

All volunteer groups are encouraged to make contact with us via the prompts below if you are interested in receiving your free volunteer management platform.

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